Friday, September 29, 2006

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

Metric's Emily Haines has been working on her solo album for four years, with all of the songs coming together in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Montreal. Despite being a departure from the sound of her primary band, these are the sounds that have always played in her head, and if it was up to her, that's where these songs would have stayed. On the advice of a friend, she laid down some of her favorites and invited some friends, including Sparklehorse's Scott Minor, Broken Social Scene's Justin Peroff, Stars' Evan Cranley and Metric's Jimmy Shaw to flesh out the sound. While the songs are primarily piano-driven with some string and horn arrangements, they pack the same kick you get from Metric.

MySpace: Emily Haines
Audio: "Our Hell"
Audio: "The Lottery"

There will be music later...

but for now let's revel in the performance of Danny C. and the O's last night against the Yankees. A one-hitter is a fine way to end a season, albeit one that finds us in fourth place and a losing season for the ninth straight year.

Go see bands this weekend...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Horrors

The Horrors hail from Southend, UK and are barely out of their teens, but have already shown their faces on the cover of NME, all on the strength of a boisterous MySpace page and a handful of stellar singles. I grabbed one of their songs off the interweb last year and while it showed promise, I wasn't totally sold, but this domestically released EP [on Stolen Transmission] is exactly what I was looking for. The band merge the sensibilities of The Fall and Nick Cave while adding a healthy dose of style and a gothic sheen.

MySpace: The Horrors
Audio: "Sheena Is A Parasite"
Audio: "Death At The Chapel"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Fields are an international group with a knowledge of grassroots and bare bones rock. The members hail from various cities, racking up frequent flyer miles travelling between Birmingham, London and Reyjavik in order to cobble together the sounds that would become their first EP, 7 From The Village, which is out now on their own Black Lab Records. The band draws on inflences like Mazarin, Sufjan Stevens, Broadcast and Smog and I even hear a little Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in there.

Buy: 7 From The Village
Audio: "Song For The Fields"
Audio: "Brittle Sticks"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

NEMO Preview: Blogger Panel

When I started this blog over a year ago, I never expected to be written about in The Boston Globe, get linked on VH1's Best Week Ever website or be asked to speak on a panel with some of the area's best bloggers, or even have people stop by the site daily. This Saturday at NEMO, Jay from Clicky Clicky, Brad from Bradley's Almanac, Paul from Aurgasm, Brian from False 45th and myself will be joining together for a panel entitled “Music
Blog: Fanzines of the 21st Century”on Saturday, September 30th from 1:45pm to 3:15pm in the Black Box Theater at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA). It's moderated by Robert from Done Waiting.

I am really excited -- it's a good chance to hang with some of my peers, as well as meet some new local buddies. Plus, I think we're all looking to throw down at a local bar afterwards and you, loyal blog reader, are welcome to join us. In fact, I am going to make shit easier for you this weekend to enjoy the festival because I have a pair of wristbands to give away! First person to e-mail me [e-mail address is on the right side] gets them, and these will allow you to check out all of the music for free this weekend. There are a ton of great bands playing, including La Rocca, Be Your Own Pet, The Long Winters, Yo La Tengo, Ladytron, CSS, plus locals Taxpayer, Frank Smith, Kabir and Faces On Film. The full list is on the NEMO website, and things are definitely more exciting this year.

Plan B

On these shores, it's almost as thought that grime is dead, like a weird fad that came and went on the backs of artists that only had a few good songs. What most Americans don't know is that the genre is alive and kicking, as it is slowly but steadily producing gem after gem. Sway dropped the absolutely ridiculous This Is My Demo back in February while a killer new Dizzee Rascal track has been floating around the interweb for months.

Plan B was one of the most promising new voices on Run The Road 2, and he acted on the excitement quick by dropping Who Needs Actions When You Got Words via 679 in June. The album fuses solid grime with acoustic indie, R & B and a capella interludes. He has been described as the "English Eminem," which is a fairly lazy comparison because it only focuses on the sometimes arresting nature of his lyrics. What sets him apart as a musician is his focus on cultural conditions that are entirely British and speaking about them in a frank manner.

Buy: Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
Plan B
Audio: "Kidz"
Audio: "Charmaine"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 09.25.06]

09.25: Snowden @ Middle East Up
09.26: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Architecture In Helsinki @ Avalon
09.26: The Mountain Goats @ Middle East Down
09.27: The Mobius Band @ Great Scott
09.28: Diamond Nights/Hector on Stilts/The Go Station/The Motion Sick @ Middle East Up
09.28: Yo La Tengo @ Avalon
09.29: The Raconteurs/Dr. Dog @ The Orpheum
09.29: Dr. Octagon/7L & Esoteric/Kabir @ Middle East Down
09.29: La Rocca @ O'Briens
09.29: Frank Smith @ T.T. The Bears
09.29: The Hourly Radio @ Middle East Up
09.30: Be Your Own Pet/The Black Lips @ Middle East Down
09.30: Ladytron/CSS @ Avalon
09/30: Read Yellow/Jake Brennan/Foreign Islands @ Great Scott
10.01: Bettie Serveert/The Slumber Party @ Middle East Down

Few things can rip me away from baseball, especially fall baseball, but the Sci-Fi Channel had something great on tonight -- Back To The Future. It's a movie so good that I've probably watched it over 100 times. And although my beloved Baltimore Orioles are way out of the playoff race as usual, my hometown Phillies have been red hot as of late and are now in the lead for the NL Wild Card with one week left in the season.

Lots of shows are going down this week, and this weekend should be pretty crazy with NEMO going on, and I've picked and choosed some of the better shows, but if you want the full list, you will have to go the website.

09.30: Ladytron/CSS @ Avalon
Despite Ladytron being around for years, I have yet to see them and when a band is on their third album, they are normally owning the moment and totally confident. Sometimes electronic acts can falter live, but those things that may trip up others are strengths for Ladytron, a group that never forgets to add life to their music. Opening is the always ready to party CSS, who I missed when they played Great Scott over the summer, a show that was undoubtedly soaked in alcohol and sweat. I'll be there this time [$17.25; 7pm]
MySpace: Ladytron
Audio: "Seventeen [Soulwax Mix]"

Friday, September 22, 2006

NEMO Preview: La Rocca

This year's NEMO festival takes place next weekend, September 28th-30th and as usual will feature a ton of great bands coming to the city and plenty of opportunities to get drunk and have fun. Earlier this year saw the release of the debut album from Irish band La Rocca, an album that recalls the American rootsiness of Uncle Tupelo, yet retains the flavor of their homeland. The band plays at O'Brien's Pub on Friday the 29th at 11 pm.

Buy: The Truth
MySpace: La Rocca
Audio: "Sketches (20 Something Life)"
Audio: "This Life"

Thursday, September 21, 2006

James Dean Bradfield

I came to the party with the Manic Street Preachers a bit late. Like many bands I got into while in high school, I discovered them on MTV's dearly departed 120 Minutes around 1996, just after the release of Everything Must Go. Unlike their following in the UK, very few people were aware of the Manics in the States, so I never knew about their string of hit singles nor did I know about the disappearance of Richey Edwards. It took me a few years, but I was able to amass all of the band's music and familiarize myself with the story of Richey.

This July saw the first solo release from the Manics' de facto leader, James Dean Bradfield, and it features the same classic rock/punk riffs and soaring vocals you've come to expect. Bandmate Nicky Wire co-wrote one of the album's tracks ["Bad Boys And Painkillers"] as well as the Jacques Brel hit "To See A Friend In Tears." It's always been hard to put a finger on James as he is very much a team player when it comes to the Manics, but The Great Western is a personal album, letting you understand the artist even more.

Buy: The Great Western
James Dean Bradfield
Audio: "An English Gentleman"
Audio: "On Saturday Morning We Will Rule The World"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Similou

The Similou is the Kingdom of Sweden's newest export. No, it's not the name of a brand new product in the Ikea catalog--it's the name of a duo that's been heating up dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic over the last couple of years. The Similou mixes old sounds like '80s pop, electronica, and punk together and invigorates them with a fresh, brash attitude creating a sound that's all their own. Their breakthrough single "All This Love" features a great beat, poppy keytar riffs, and the best chorus I've heard in the last couple of months. I seriously listened to it three times in a row on the way home tonight, it's that good. By the way, did I mention that they're smoking hot? Mmm.

Myspace: The Similou
Audio: "All This Love"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Dropping today is the eponymous debut album from Darkel, a solo side project from Air's JB Dunckel. The record is filled with songs that were created on the same palette as Air yet reimagined by the hands of a musician with a strong love of the past forty years of pop music. Check out the video for "At The End Of The Sky."

MySpace: Darkel
Audio: "At The End Of The Sky"


"If Brian Wilson, Karen Carpenter, Burt Bacharach, Billy Corgan and Kevin Shields all merged into one you'd still only be halfway to the Captain sound. As comfortable with pop as they are with vast soundscapes, this band arent interested in any scenes. They're busy forging their own." Pulled from their "About Us" section on MySpace, those lines sum up the Captain experience perfectly, and it's something you hear all over their debut, This Is Hazelville. I first latched onto the band last year when the "Frontline" 7" came out, but I had forgotten about them until I saw an ad for their album in the NME a couple of weeks ago. The album was worth the wait -- it's filled with instantly catchy and unique pop jams.

MySpace: Captain
Audio: "Glorious"
Audio: "Frontline"

Monday, September 18, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 09.18.06]

09.18: Golden Smog @ The Paradise
09.19: The Electric Six/Aberdeen City/The Blue Van @ Middle East Up
09.19: Drive By Truckers/Bobby Bare Jr. @ Avalon
09.19: The Working Title @ T.T. The Bears
09.19: Eric Bachmann @ Club Passim
09.20: The English Beat @ Middle East Down
09.20: Dengue Fever @ T.T. The Bears
09.20: Apollo Sunshine @ The Paradise
09.21: Jedi Mind Tricks @ Middle East Down
09.22: Lambchop @ The Paradise
09.23: Sunset Rubdown/Baker @ Middle East Down
09.23: Juan McLean @ T.T. The Bears
09.24: Adam Green @ Middle East Up

It's the end of the summer and I haven't really been feeling like doing the show thing. I just got back from The Paradise, but I only caught Mew as I was too tired to stay for Kasabian. NEMO, which starts in ten days,. should kick start my interest in shows. This week and next week will feature a number of show previews, plus a lot of great new music. There are a lot of great shows this week, but honestly, nothing that I am that interested in checking out, so there's no show of the week.

In between getting arrested for doing smack in public, dating the transparent Kate Moss and appearing in The Daily Mirror almost daily, Pete Doherty had time to record [ie - phone in from prison] a remix of "Prangin' Out" with his boy Mike Skinner.

Audio: The Streets [f/ Pete Doherty] "Prangin' Out"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Roddy Woomble

There are those bands that you hear for the first time and you just know. It's a band that will be with you for years, a band that will grow with you and one that no matter what form they're in, you'll still love them. Idlewild is one of those bands for me and I have followed their every step for the better part of eight years. While the band is still alive and strong, lead singer Roddy Woomble set out to create a collection of songs that honor his love of music outside the Idlewild spectrum on My Secret Is My Silence. The album comprises tunes that draw on American folk, traditional Irish and Scottish music and more familiar indie rock. Album guests include Kate Rusby and Karine Polwart, while five of the album's songs were co-written with bandmate Rob Jones.

Buy: My Secret Is My Silence

Roddy Woomble
Audio: "As Still As I Watch Your Grave"
Audio: "Act IV"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Age Rings

[Photo Credit: Jenny Frazier]

Isn't it funny how Canada doesn't have any bands? No, I am not fucking with you! There are no bands in Canada, only collectives, those constantly shifting groups of friends, artists and musicians. Like their northern neighbors, Boston's Age Rings is much more than a band -- it's an always evolving collective, but it's also a group of young and talented musicians who know their shit and can rock a room, as was evidenced by their support slot for Birdmonster this past summer. According to their official website/MySpace page, the band has a residency at T.T. The Bears in October to celebrate the release of their debut album, Look...The Dusk Is Growing. The disc is a swirling mess of indie rock joy that references Spoon, Pavement and a Wilco without the pretension.

MySpace: Age Rings
Audio: "Millions Of Americans"

Show Review: The Rapture @ Middle East Down [Monday Sept. 11th]

Guest show review from Vicki over at Onward Charles. I was there, but she had the camera.

I don't believe Brooklyn's French Kicks to be anyone's absolute
favorite band. Additionally, in the four or so years that I've known about them, I can't recall them ever blowing up, having a hit single, or gracing the cover of a magazine that I've read. You might think these would all be strikes against a band that plays with the essential rock n' roll formula of electric strings and keys, but French Kicks are a bit of a wonder story, playing consistently good sets to support consistently good records that are endearing and celebratory.

But enough about the French Kicks, that was last week at the Middle East. There's a taller than tall, shaggy-haired group of rockstars out of Brooklyn well-known as The Rapture. This past Monday, I attended my very first MySpace Secret Show, in which I got to give the band my
full attention, as in the past it had only crossed paths with their live sets at festivals or other terrible outdoor music events. Though it wasn't their hometown, The Rapture brought the energy straight from New York's indie rock dance floors delivering their abundance of cowbell and shakey shreiks.

The Rapture is a band that exploded on to the scene around the time of New York's frailest period in 2001 alongside The Strokes (who were just here last night), but built the indie rock scene from the ground up. The DFA record label became the hottest thing west of Broadway, and the release of the Rapture full-length, Echoes, was timed perfectly after everyone and their mother spent the previous summer sweating away to "House Of Jealous Lovers."

Monday's show at the Middle East Downstairs was a bit unusual. The venue was only about half full, but everyone under the drinking age danced their young little faces off, while older, drunker bystanders smiled and moved with a general sense of satisfaction with the debuted songs. The single "Get Myself Into It" finally won me over, and cleared a path for The Rapture to display the growth between their previous style with a more fun-drenched, endearing quality peppered
with a heavier funk sound. Oh, and the sax. Got to love the sax; moreso Gabe's Lisa Simpson-esque dancing. He took his own suggestion and got himself into it.

The verdict stands. I don't know what it is that The Rapture has that makes them so successful, but it's something, and I'm never going to turn them away. I may, in fact, even frame the free poster from the show.

Buy: Pieces Of People We Love
MySpace: The Rapture
Audio: "Get Myself Into It"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Young Knives

The Young Knives

The Young Knives formed nine years ago in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, a small town in Great Britain with an awesome name and an unfortunate lack of a music scene. Playing bad funk and cover songs, the band ultimately split up when the members moved away to attend different universities. By 2002 the band reformed in Oxford, however their time apart influenced them to start playing an altogether different style of music--punk. Things seemed to go tremendously well at first. Hot off the heels of releasing their first EP The Young Knives... Are Dead on Shifty Disco, the band was asked to support bands like Har Mar Superstar and Hot Hot Heat on tour. But their upward motion quickly stalled due to the band's "inability to promote themselves."

Luckily, The Young Knives kept at it. In the last 18 months, the band has just exploded (well, in relative terms). They've played alongside Exitfare favorites like Dirty Pretty Things, The Rakes, and The Chalets and rocked huge crowds at SXSW, V Festival, and Get Loaded on the Park. And finally, after releasing a number of well received singles and music videos, The Young Knives put out their long awaited full length album Voices Of Animals & Men on August 21st.

Although I was initially thrown by the band's goofy and nerdy persona (i.e. one band member goes by the name "The House of Lords"), their music is anything but. Lead singer Henry Dartnall has a hard edged voice and a killer scream that works perfectly with his spastic guitar playing. Coupled with the thumping bass laid down by The House of Lords and hard driving drumming of Oliver Askew, the songs just explode with a tense energy. "Weekends & Bleak Days" is not to be missed, I bet the kids in London are dancing to it in a darkened pub right now.

Buy: Voices of Animal and Men
Myspace: The Young Knives
Audio: "Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)"

Matters + Dunaway

"I think we're a rock duo with elements of electronic music, but maybe I'm wrong? I know what we're not, it's harder to say what we are. Tom [bandmate Thomas Gallagher] and I like a lot of things, but somewhere around Boards of Canada seems to be where we meet up." -Andre Obin [of Matters + Dunaway] The Weekly Dig 05.11.06

Matters + Dunaway are a Boston duo that strike a balance between indie rock and form-fitting electronica to create a satisfying blend of styles that have only gotten better over the last five years. On Hightech, their third release, the duo evoke images of Eno and M83 in a surprisingly at ease fashion. While this is the third and final installment in the duo's "tech" series, they already have grander plans to take the world by storm. A new album will drop early next year, further cementing the group's place among electronic acts who truly feel.

Buy: Hightech
MySpace: Matters + Dunaway
Audio: "Memorial"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


While everyone else in Boston was bundled up and hibernating, Taxpayer were gearing up for the release of Bones And Lungs. With songs that recall the arena ready sound of U2 and the soul humility of Interpol and Bloc Party, the band was accumulated a ton of accolades this year, including some nomination for this year's Boston Music Awards. Click on the link to vote for them, and look for them at Bill's Bar on Sept. 29th during NEMO.

Buy: Bones And Lungs
MySpace: Taxpayer
Audio: "When They Were Young"

The Bridge Gang: Live

I don't want to speak for The Bridge Gang, so I'll just report what they have on their MySpace page: "We are NOT influenced by Orange Juice, XTC or Wire. The Libertines did NOT change our lives. We did NOT form at artschool. We are BORED of indie disco. We LOVE making noise." This is the band at The Metro, which is somewhere in the UK, not sure which city though.

MySpace: The Bridge Gang
Audio: "London Sky Tonight"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 09.11.06]

09.11: Early Day Miners/Pela @ Middle East Up
09.11: The Rapture @ Middle East Down [free; 8 pm]
09.12: The Strokes/Wolfmother @ Bank Of America Pavilion
09.12: Zero 7/Jose Gonzalez @ Avalon
09.12: Rogue Wave/Jason Collett/Foreign Born @ Middle East Down
09.12: Man Man @ T.T. The Bears
09.13: Mates Of State/The Starlight Mints @ Middle East Down
09.14: The Gossip/Erase Errata/Mika Miko @ Middle East Down
09.15: Magnolia Electric Co./Shearwater @ Middle East Down
09.15: Saintface @ Great Scott
09.16: The Wrens/Craig Werdren/Say Hi To Your Mom @ Middle East Down
09.16: Nouvelle Vague/The Submarines @ The Paradise
09.16: Rev. Glasseye/Annuals @ Middle East Up
09.17: Kasabian/Mew @ The Paradise
09.17: Lupe Fiasco @ Middle East Down
09.17: Scissors For Lefty @ T.T. The Bears

I like having the TV on at all times and one of the stations I've been turning to lately is The Tube. One day I saw it magically pop up on the Comcast guide and I've been hooked ever since. Granted, there is a ton of crap on it because it's not like it's "Dany's ipod 2k7" or anything like that, but I've seen a ton of awesome videos lately, like Modest Mouse, Journey, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen and a ton of obscure '80s clips that I haven't seen in years.

This past weekend was fun-filled and exhausting -- I went down to NYC to catch MSTRKRFT at Don Hill's. I ended up not sleeping Friday night and by the time I made it back to Boston, I had time for a very short nap before Birdmonster went on at the Middle East. Things this week are a little out of control as there is a good show every night and in a few cases, even two, three or four!

While you're juggling your social schedules this week, make sure you keep an eye on the site, as I'll be featuring bits on some of my favorite Boston bands, quite a few of which are starting to make names for themselves outside of the Northeast.

They're airing "Under The Milky Way" by The Church right now -- I love this channel.

09.14: The Gossip/Erase Errata/Mika Miko @ Middle East Down
I have to be honest -- I never did like The Gossip. I really couldn't stand them, but that was until I heard "Standing In The Way of Control" late last year, a track that was the best parts of spiky post-punk, late '80s R&B girl group soul and punk rock all rolled into one. I figured it was one and done with them, but after I heard "Yr Mangled Heart," I was sold on the new album and I set about on a journey of rediscovery. I saw the band once six years ago as support for Sleater-Kinney, and they seemed rough and unsure of themselves, but times change and the band has come into their own, growing into a fit and fighting unit. Also playing are the near legendary Sonic Youth disciples Erase Errata and noise punks Mika Miko. [
18+; $10adv/$12dos]

MySpace: The Gossip
Audio: "Yr Mangled Heart"

Friday, September 08, 2006

Snow Patrol

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

A few months ago, I heard rumors that Snow Patrol was going to disband due to lead singer Gary Lightbody's vocal problems. An unfortunate thought for sure, as the band has written some of the most memorable alternative rock songs of the last few years.

All of the songs on this year's Eyes Open are absolute gems, whether a rocking hit single that name checks Sufjan Stevens ("Hands Open") or a haunting melodic and lyrical depiction of the loneliness that sets in when you're away from the one you love ("Set The Fire To The Third Bar"). The newest single "Chasing Cars" is a lush love song with lyrics that will make even the most heartless cynic swoon, most notably "I don't quite know how to say how I feel / Those three words are said too much / They're not enough."

Luckily, those break up rumors were just that--rumors. Snow Patrol is still together and will continue their massive world tour for the next couple of months. Make sure to catch them when they hit your town, you don't want to miss them live.

Sep 09 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
Sep 10 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
Sep 12 - Montreal, QUE @ Metropolis

Sep 13 - Toronto, ONT @ Kool Haus
Sep 14 - Pontiac MI @ Clutch Cargo's
Sep 16 - Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
Sep 17 - Minneapolis MN @ First Avenue

Sep 20 - Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre
Sep 21 - Vancouver, BC @ PNE Forum
Sep 23 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre

Sep 24 - San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre
Sep 26 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
Sep 27 - Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theatre
Sep 28 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
Sep 29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Sep 30 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint

Myspace: Snow Patrol
Audio: "Chasing Cars"

Thursday, September 07, 2006

¡Forward, Russia!: Album Hits The States

Northern England's ¡Forward, Russia! have been throwing everyone for a loop that past couple of years. During an age where everyone has been repping Wire and The Fall, but this four-piece comes off as a 21st century update of Fugazi -- the band is urgent and their guitars wail out of control. Their live shows are best described as intense, with the band translating their numerically-named songs in fevered fashion. I first wrote about the band last year and my opinion hasn't changed much since then.

Their debut Give Me A Wall drops in States via Mute Records on Sept. 19th.

10/25 Seattle Crocodile Cafe

10/26 Portland Dante's
10/28 Los Angeles Spaceland
10/30 San Francisco Cafe Du Nord

MySpace: ¡Forward, Russia!
Audio: "Thirteen"
Audio: "Nine"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


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A few fun facts about Cazals:

  • According to the band, you absolutely cannot precede Cazals with a 'the.' If you do, be prepared for "public ridicule" and "threatening phone calls late at night" from lead singer Phil Cazals. Or worse.

  • Lead singer Phil Cazals' last name isn't actually Cazals. Each of the band members adopted the surname Cazals [presumably] in a nod to The Ramones. Or maybe The Donnas.

  • Cazalaide (n.): illegal parties thrown by Cazals to help raise money to buy new instruments after theirs had all been stolen. Bloc Party and The Rakes both helped out by playing sets and everybody's favorite blood-painter, Pete Doherty, showed up.
Ok, enough of that. Cazals is another promising young London band that I feel is on the cusp of really blowing up. Imagine Paul Weller singing over jagged guitars, punchy basslines, and crashing drums. Imagine dance floor ready post-punk that mixes sneering attitude with occasional handclaps. And then imagine adding the type of killer riffs and choruses that stay in your head for days... then you'll have Cazals.

If you like what you hear, then you'll be happy to know that Cazals has a wealth of material available online for free download. There are a total of six demos split between their Myspace and the music section of their website. Or try their news section for MP3s of their XFM session with John Kennedy.

Myspace: Cazals
Audio: "Poor Innocent Boys"

Ratatat @ Middle East Down [Tonight]

It's safe to assume that with an album named Classics that it's going to be good. While most bands would just do that to be ironic, Ratatat does it cuz it's the honest truth. They are bucking the sophomore slump, and you can see them in action downstairs at the Middle East, most likely packing the room and making the normal stoic Boston crowd move a little bit. The underappreciated, but awesome Envelopes open. [18+; $12]

MySpace: Ratatat
Audio: Ratatat "Wildcat"
Audio: Envelopes "Sister In Love"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MSTRKRFT: Video for "Work On You"

If you guys don't have The Looks yet, then you have some serious issues to deal with.

Buy: The Looks

Dark Side of the Cop

Like a lot of great bands, Dark Side of the Cop was borne out of a bunch of happy accidents and an influx of ideas. Group mastermind Marco Panella had quit his band with plans to move abroad, but when that fell through, he had a ton of time on this time and an itching to make new music. DSOTC started out as an alternate soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop [seriously], but upon completion, Panella realized it worked much better as an album. The first of three installments, Dark Side of the Cop works as electronic music that is slightly off-kilter and constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself.

09/08 Alma, CO South Park Music Festival
09/13 San Francisco, CA Rickshaw Stop
09/30 Boston, MA Paradise Lounge
10/12 Brooklyn, NY Matchless

Dark Side of the Cop
Audio: "Shaky Little Rules"

Monday, September 04, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 09.04.06]

09.05: The Colour/The Shys @ T.T. The Bears
09.06: Starsailor @ The Paradise
09.06: Ratatat @ Middle East Down
09.07: Comets On Fire @ Middle East Down
09.08: Band of Horses @ The Paradise
09.08: The French Kicks/Sound Team @ Middle East Down
09/09: Birdmonster/Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin @ Middle East Up
09.09: Radio Birdman/The Rogers Sisters @ Middle East Down
09.09: Taking Back Sunday @ City Hall Plaza [free 4 pm]
09.10: The Flaming Lips/Deerhoof @ Bank of American Pavilion
09.10: Riddle of Steel/Retisonic @ Middle East Up

Labor Day weekend is usually the perfect excuse to get some last minute summer partying in, but Boston's weather has had other ideas for me. The constant rain the past couple of days has left me wanting to do nothing more than sit in front of the TV and watch baseball. Luckily things are looking a bit better this week, both show and weather wise. This weekend sees six great shows come to town, and those lucky enough to be around Saturday night will get to see two of them.

09.08: The French Kicks/Sound Team/The End Of The World/Age Rings" @ Middle East Down
Those of you around Friday night need to be at this show -- it will be nothing short of amazing. Both bands get better each time they come to town, as each are riding the waves of triumphant new releases. I guess rave reviews and cracking the Top 10 at CMJ aren't enough for them, as they've teamed up for the perfect tour to end the summer. Promising locals Age Rings go on first. [
18+; $10adv/$12dos]
Audio: The French Kicks "So Far We Are"
Audio: Sound Team "Your Eyes Are Liars"

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Sometimes living in a small town can bring about a boredom that leads to a life of crime, but Adam Baker's upbringing in Raleigh, NC didn't lead to any armed robberies, just the musical ideas that would become Annuals. The band, whose sound references The Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Animal Collective, drops their debut album on October 17th through Ace Fu.

Sep 1 The Brewery Raleigh, NC w/ House of Fools
Sep 12 Khyber Philadelphia, PA
Sep 14 Sin-E (KEXP) New York, NY w/ Friction
Sep 15 North Six Brooklyn, NY
Sep 16 The Middle East Boston, MA
Sep 18 Grog Shop Cleveland , OH w/ Man Man
Sep 19 Subterranean Chicago, IL
Oct 19 Irving Plaza New York, NY w/ Art Brut
Oct 20 Starlight Ballroom Philadelphia, PA w/ Art Brut
Oct 22 Bottletree Birmingham, AL w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 24 Club Down Under Tallahassee, FL w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 25 Common Grounds Gainesville w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 26 The Social Orlando, FL w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 27 Cafe 11 St. Augustine, FL w/ Tapes 'n Tapes

Oct 28 Tasty World Athens, GA w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 29 The Loft Atlanta, GA w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 30 The Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC w/ Tapes 'n Tapes
Oct 31 Black Cat Washington, DC w/ Tapes 'n Tapes

Audio: "Brother"

Audio: "Bleary Eyed"
Audio: "Dry Clothes"

Friday, September 01, 2006

The French Kicks: New Video

This is the video for "So Far We Are" off of the band's latest, Two Thousand.

Buy: Two Thousand
French Kicks


The guys in Soulwax are insane, but not in a creepy or crazy sort of way. The guys just have their hands in so much stuff, I just find them crazy for being able to keep sane. The group, which is comprised of
brothers David & Stephen Dewaele, and their Soulwax compadres Stefaan Van Leuven and Steve Slingeneyer. They've produced tracks on Tiga's amazing debut album, dropped three killer remixes -- Gorillaz (“Dare”) , Daft Punk (“Robot Rock”) and LCD Soundsystem’s (“Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”), plus the brothers also spin as 2 Many DJs.

Somehow, somewhere they found time to put together Nite Versions, which sees its US release on Modular on Sept. 12th. The album is brimming with all of the electronic and dancefloor idiosyncricies you have come to expect to them, plus they are coming to the States for a select group of dates which will feature 2 Many DJs and guests from their Radio Soulwax series.

14 sept – los angeles, ca - vanguard
15 sept – san francisco, ca - mezzanine
17 sept – chicago, il - double door
18 sept – toronto, on - mod club
19 sept – montreal, que - sat
20 sept – philadelphia, pa - pure
21 sept – brooklyn, ny - studio b
22 sept – new york, ny - ultrafest - 2manydjs only
23 sept – baltimore, md - v festival - 2manydjs only

MySpace: Soulwax
Audio: "Miserable Girl"