Monday, March 30, 2009


"Shadow Committee"

Myspace // "Shadow Committee" [Audio]

Venerable Leeds-based label Dance to the Radio released the eponymous debut album from Grammatics last Monday. Love them or hate them -- and I definitely started out as the latter -- the band is definitely onto something good. Their early singles hinted at a band that loved Cursive just as much as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and on their debut album they've perfected that sound.

The band is currently on the road promoting their debut LP with fellow West Yorkshire mates Rolo Tomassi and Pulled Apart By Horses, which is sure to be one hell of a show, both on and off-stage. They will also be supporting Bloc Party this October.

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Friday, March 27, 2009


Directed by Zack Keller & Ed Skudder

Myspace // "Signs" [Audio] // "From A Tower" [Video]

I first came across this band at CMJ last year, walking across town to check them out at the urging of about five people. The set was a disappointment, but I wasn't ready to write them off. As more music was finished for their debut album, I was sent different demos and drafts of the record, getting a rare glimpse into the development of the songs.

What I begun to hear from Tear Ourselves Away (out this summer on Heist or Hit Records) was one of the best new records to surface from an American band in a few years, and by the time I saw them for the second time at Spaceland (in Los Angeles) a couple months ago, I was on board. It's almost developed into an obsession -- they're a group that I need to check out every time they come through the city. Their recent gigs have been utterly fantastic, even their cramped and sweaty set at an ultra tight venue on Red River in Austin.

The band's first single off the upcoming debut set, "William," is out now in the UK.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flashback Thursday: My Bloody Valentine "Realise"

Things have been busy lately -- that's my one and only excuse for not keeping up with the blog. Good news is that I returned from SXSW with a lot of new bands to write about, but that will have to wait until next week. Since I am in the studio with Simon Says No right now, I thought it would be appropriate to post a video from an act that has a lot of influence over them, My Bloody Valentine.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Golden Age

[Photo Credit: Marc Hibbert]

Myspace // "Machine Music" [Audio]

I returned from SXSW today after a night of no sleep and although I spent some time napping today, I am still exhausted and have no time to put together my "best of" list.

Until then, we have London group Golden Age to check out, a band that strikes all of the right post punk chords with driving guitars and deep, memorable vocals. The one thing they do fail at though is providing any bio information, instead letting the music speak for itself. Not a bad move, but it would be nice to write a bit more about these guys.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

SXSW 2k9 Preview: My Picks for Friday Night

My showcase pick for Friday is the Great Escape showcase that will be taking place at Maggie Mae's Rooftop. Since I'll actually be going to the Great Escape again this year, I'm not foaming at the mouth with jealously while writing this post... for once.

8:00pm: The Young Republic (Myspace // "Black Duck Blues" [mp3])
9:00pm: The Postelles (Myspace // "123 Stop" [mp3])
10:00pm: Mumford & Sons (Myspace)
11:00pm: Fighting With Wire (Myspace)
12:00am: Esser (Myspace // "I Love You" [mp3])
1:00am: Au Revoir Simone (Myspace // "A Violent Yet Flammable World" [mp3])

If you don't trust my judgment (above), then here are some other shows for your Friday night:

6:00pm: Third Eye Blind at The Lone Star Lounge (Myspace // "Non Dairy Creamer" [mp3])
7:30pm: We Were Promised Jetpacks at La Zona Rosa (Myspace // "Quiet Little Voices" [mp3])
7:30pm: sorry-ok-yes at Smokin' Music (Myspace // "Self-Reliant" [mp3])
8:30pm: French Miami at Mohawk (Myspace // "God Damn Best" [mp3])
8:30pm: Dananananaykroyd at La Zona Rosa (Myspace // "Pink Sabbath" [mp3])
9:00pm: Silversun Pickups at Stubb's (Myspace)
9:30pm: Camera Obscura at La Zona Rosa (Myspace)
10:00pm: Cut Off Your Hands at Aces Lounge (Myspace // "Turn Cold" [mp3])
10:00pm: The Rosebuds at Momo's (Myspace)
10:00pm: The Ettes at Mohawk Patio (Myspace // "No Home" [mp3])
11:00pm: Javelins at Soho Lounge (Myspace // "The Pounding" [mp3])
11:00pm: Superdrag at Pangaea (Myspace)
11:30pm: Glasvegas at La Zona Rosa (Myspace)
12:00am: Headlights at Habana Calle 6 Patio (Myspace)
12:00am: The Hold Steady at Mohawk Patio (Myspace)
12:00am: The Bird and the Bee at Karma Lounge (Myspace)
12:00am: Tinted Windows (feat. Taylor Hanson, James Iha, Adam Schlesinger, Bun E. Carlos) at Pangaea (Myspace)
12:00am: Laura Marling at Central Presbyterian Church (Myspace)
1:00am: Okkervil River at The Parish (Myspace)
1:00am: Cursive at Radio Room (Myspace)
1:00am: Rolo Tomassi at Radio Room Patio (Myspace // "Oh, Hello Ghost" [mp3])
1:00am: Late of the Pier at Aces Lounge (Myspace)


Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW 2k9 Preview: My Picks for Thursday Night

My showcase of choice for tonight will be taking place at Wave Rooftop:

7:00pm: The Hall Monitors (Myspace // "Girls" [mp3])
8:00pm: The Life and Times (Myspace)
9:00pm: My Sad Captains (Myspace // "Great Expectations" [mp3])
10:00pm: Artefacts For Space Travel (Myspace // "Recoup" [mp3])
11:00pm: Let's Wrestle (Myspace // "I Won't Lie To You" [mp3])
12:00am: Screaming Tea Party (Myspace // "I'd Rather Be Stuck On The Stair Well" [mp3])
1:00am: Pete & The Pirates (Myspace)

Other shows of note for Thursday evening:

7:00pm: Cold War Kids at Auditorium Shores Stage (Myspace)
8:00pm: American Princes at Speakeasy (Myspace)
9:00pm: Ferraby Lionheart at Club de Ville (Myspace)
9:00pm: Red Red Meat at Radio Room Patio (Myspace)
11:00pm: Two Hours Traffic at El Sol Y La Luna (Myspace // "Nighthawks" [mp3])
11:00pm: Chairlift at Red 7 Patio (Myspace)
11:00pm: Jay Jay Pistolet at Latitude 30 (Myspace // "Happy Birthday You" [mp3])
11:00pm: Cut Off Your Hands at Emo's (Myspace // "Turn Cold" [mp3])
12:00am: Passion Pit at Emo's (Myspace // "Sleepyhead" [mp3])
12:00am: Abe Vigoda at Red 7 (Myspace // "Don't Lie" [mp3])
12:45am: Ida Maria at Maggie Mae's (Myspace)
1:00am: Handsome Furs at Radio Room Patio (Myspace)
1:00am: Bearsuit at Rusty Spurs (Myspace)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SXSW 2k9 Preview: My Picks for Wednesday Night

For our friends at SXSW, my pick for Wednesday night is the Chess Club showcase at Friends. Think tons of great bands, capped off by the seriously amazing Mumford & Sons (who put on my favorite live show of 2008).

Chess Club Showcase:

8:00pm: The Week That Was (
Myspace // "Learn to Learn" [mp3])
9:00pm: Come On Gang! (Myspace // "Wheels" [mp3])
10:00pm: Wave Machines (Myspace // "I Go I Go I Go" [mp3])
11:00pm: Jay Jay Pistolet (Myspace // "Happy Birthday You" [mp3])
12:00am: Post War Years (Myspace // "Black Morning" [mp3])
1:00am: Mumford & Sons (Myspace)

Other good bets for Wednesday evening:

7:30pm: Lets Wrestle! at Ms. Bea's (Myspace // "I Won't Lie To You")
8:00pm: Rademacher at The Independent (Myspace // "Believer")
8:45pm: Cut Off Your Hands at Vice (Myspace // "Turn Cold" [mp3])
10:30pm: Late of the Pier at La Zona Rosa (Myspace)
11:00pm: Laura Marling at Latitude 30 (Myspace)
11:30pm: Dananananaykroyd at Dirty Dog (Myspace // "Pink Sabbath")
11:45pm: Glasvegas at Vice (Myspace)
12:00am: Annuals at Radio Room Patio (Myspace)
12:00am: Sky Larkin at Red 7 Patio (Myspace // "Fossil, I" [mp3])


Monday, March 16, 2009

SXSW 2k9 Preview: Dananananaykroyd

Myspace // "Pink Sabbath" [mp3]

Dananananaykroyd seems to be having a big couple of weeks. The Glasgow group released their first video (ever) for "Black Wax" a week and a half ago. Now, they're en-route to Austin for SXSW where they're tipped to be one of the breakout bands of the festival (along with other Exitfare favorites like Sky Larkin). So yeah... you'll want to be there. Check them out if you like super energetic punk rock meets hardcore with maybe a little math rock thrown in for good measure, I think of them as Johnny Foreigner meets Pulled Apart By Horses with a side helping of Foals.

3/18: British Party at
Latitude 30 @ 7:30pm
3/18: ASCAP Showcase at
Dirty Dog Bar @ 11:30pm
3/19: Clash/Relentless Party
at Dirty Dog Bar @ 1pm
3/20: SAC Showcase at
La Zona Rosa @ 8:30pm

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Myspace // "Algebra" [Audio]

A few weeks while I was in London, a friend suggested I check out Manchester's Airship with him. Being that the friend in question has excellent taste in music, I took him up on his offer and I was not let down. It seems as though I am not the only person tipping these guys (which is a nice change, I might add), as the likes of Channel M, BBC Manchester, and XFM are all singing their praises.

The quartet plays dirty, anthemic pop, think Modest Mouse or Nine Black Alps if those bands were less worried about the world's problems. The band's Spirit of the Beehive EP is an excellent introduction to a band who have started things off on the right foot and should continue getting better. Manchester locals, make sure you catch them tonight at the Ruby Lounge with Liam Frost.

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Favours For Sailors

[Photo Credit: Lucy Johnston]

Myspace // "I Dreamt That You Dreamt That I Loved You In My Dreams" [Audio]

Favours For Sailors may hail from London, but it's obvious that they were raised on American indie rock. Their tunes recall the likes of Pavement or Weezer, but with a penchant for big pop moments. It's music that's made for playing at top volume on the motorways at the height of summer. The band's debut EP, Furious Sons, was just released last week on Tough Love Records. Keep an eye out for the band on XFM later this month, as well as several dates with Dananananaykroyd.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Flashback Thursday: Echo & the Bunnymen "Killing Moon"


Holy shit, look at that hair!

I have a mildly amusing story about Echo & the Bunnymen from a few years ago when I lived in Boston. Always being a big fan, they're one band that I wish I had the chance to see, so when Boy Kill Boy were coming through town supporting them, I immediately made sure to go. In the end, I didn't stay for Echo because like most bands that reform, some of the magic is gone -- it's just not the same. I can live vicariously through all of the albums and videos, but like many bands, I just wasn't meant to see them.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pulled Apart By Horses: New Song

[Photo Credit: Bart Pettman]


Leeds quartet Pulled Apart By Horses have posted a new track on their Myspace page -- "EC = MC Hammer." Check it out, it's good times.

As usual, the band will be on the road this spring, supporting Blood Red Shoes, doing gigs with "We Versus the Shark," and appearances at Live at Leeds and the Great Escape. Another reason why it's better to be in England right now.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Young/Lost Ones: New EP

Myspace // El Renacimiento de Los Olvidados [Download the Entire EP free]

I got back from Norway and England late last week, but with the jetlag and all of the catch-up I needed to do, there wasn't much time for updating the blog. My time in Oslo did see me coming home late from gigs not being able to sleep, so I did have some time to spend with some bands that I've lost touch with. One of those is the unsung California outfit Young/Lost Ones.

Despite the release of their latest digital EP, El Renacimiento de Los Olvidados, the band remains under the radar, sort of a password for those who really know what is going on in west coast indie rock. This latest release is all you could want from the band, with five songs of upbeat alt-country in the vein of Jason Molina or Tom Petty. I'm glad that this band keeps chugging along as each new release from them is even better than the last.

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