Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Similou

The Similou is the Kingdom of Sweden's newest export. No, it's not the name of a brand new product in the Ikea catalog--it's the name of a duo that's been heating up dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic over the last couple of years. The Similou mixes old sounds like '80s pop, electronica, and punk together and invigorates them with a fresh, brash attitude creating a sound that's all their own. Their breakthrough single "All This Love" features a great beat, poppy keytar riffs, and the best chorus I've heard in the last couple of months. I seriously listened to it three times in a row on the way home tonight, it's that good. By the way, did I mention that they're smoking hot? Mmm.

Myspace: The Similou
Audio: "All This Love"


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