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The Lashes: Interview

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Christine Ernest

Seattle rock outfit The Lashes might seem new to the scene, but they formed back in 2000. You might remember their debut EP on Lookout Records, the irresistibly catchy "The Stupid Stupid." Now their full-length album "Get It" is set to be released on February 24th. Lead singer Ben recently took some time out to chat with Exitfare about being from a flashpoint like Seattle and why Rodney Dangerfield deserves to be atop of everyone’s most-played list.

Christine: How did you guys hook up with Red Ink/Columbia?

Ben: Isn’t hook-up a high school way to say “make-out?” Are you trying to imply that we are having relations with our label people? Cause if you are, that is totally not the case at all! I swear nothing inappropriate has happened at all. Some guy came up, said he liked our songs and gave us the standard “rich and famous” contract. Then he made us sleep with him. But I swear, that is all that happened!

Christine: What can your fans expect from your debut full-length Get It?

Ben: Our fans can expect to love our record so much that they sing along with it from the minute they wake up till the minute they go to bed. Everyone who hates us can expect to still secretly be a fan.

Christine: How was it working with a producer like John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney and Blonde Redhead)?

Ben: When we recorded our EP with John, we were really nervous because we loved all of the records he had made so much. It was an obvious choice to go back to him for Get It because we had developed such a great relationship. By the time we were finished recording, Jacob and I were feeding his dogs and house sitting for him whenever he went out of town. We would sit around in robes drinking wine while watching movies On Demand and say, “Ohhhh yeahhh, we are totally in the guy who recorded Nirvana’s house!” Then Jacob would lick the Harvey Danger gold record…that part was weird.

Christine: Seattle seems to be quite the breeding ground of some great bands in the past few years. What was it like starting out in a hotspot like Seattle?

Ben: Seattle has so many truly awesome bands that it is a crime more people can’t come sleep on our floor and go to shows with us. With so many great bands it means competition for shows…fans and jobs at vintage clothing stores is fierce. We stay at the top of our game by practicing hard, playing great shows and flirting with everyone in a position of power.

Christine: You guys are touring the NW until early February and also making an appearance on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson. What else is up next?

Ben: The Lashes are going to spend the next year touring the world winning people over one dumb pop song at a time. When we get to a level where we are either famous or have paid enough magazines to become hyped, we will start doing hard drugs, dating b-list celebrities and doing interviews where we give super “serious” answers, cause you know what, we’re artists damnit! Nobody understands.

Christine: What have you guys been listening to lately?

Ben: Scotty got a 12” single of Rodney Dangerfield’s forgotten rap hit called “Rappin’ Rodney.” You think I’m joking, but I swear he plays the damn thing 13 or 14 times a day. It’s like “yo, yo, yo I can’t get no respect,” as if Rodney Dangerfield would rap anything else. On a related side note, my friend Alana’s dad produced one of Rodney’s movies when she was a young girl. One afternoon she went up to him on set as he took a break between scenes with the intention of introducing herself. As she put out her hand to shake his, she looked down to realize that his robe was open leaving his private parts completely exposed. I could probably make a joke connecting Rodney Dangerfield’s weiner and the lack of respect that he was well-known for, but I think that’s a little too below the belts…Get it?

MySpace: The Lashes
Audio: "Sometimes The Sun"
Video: "Sometimes The Sun" [Windows Media]


Anonymous colleen said...

Awesome interview Christine!!! Those boys are cute ;o) Keep up the good work.

12:08 PM EST  
Blogger Icebleu1013 said...

I bow to the mistress of interviews once again. Keep up the good work. And on a related side know I totally think Rodney Dangerfield probably has a small weiner, but he was awsome in Caddyshack.

10:00 PM EST  
Anonymous betty said...

Get It has been on heavy rotation on my ipod. And uhm... Ben's cute to boot. If you haven't gotten the CD yet, GET IT.

2:47 PM EST  

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