Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Myspace // "In Times of Trouble" [Audio]

Although university might be keeping the band in different cities for now, Tripwires are still full functioning as a band, although the M4 may seem more like home than any respective town. When not immersed in their studies, the band is very much a priority as they've made a ton of noise, with mentions from Huw Stephens, Bethan Elfyn, Rory McConnell, and Steve Lamacq. This past summer, they were invited to play on the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds.

Right now the band is working on their upcoming full-length debut, but for now they have a single out and a free download, which is still available on their homepage.

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Monday, November 24, 2008


Myspace // "Night of the Pencils" [Audio]

I've been really torn about my love for Tubelord. On the surface, they're just a hardcore-loving group of emo misfits, but if you dig deeper, there is much more going on. While the band might be appreciated by the eye-liner wearing set, their music is intricate and their vocalist has pipes for the ages. The band says that they sound like "Biffy Clyro having fun," which I tend to agree with. The band's latest single, "I Am Azerrad," which is limited to 500 copies, is out now.

The band's next gig is Dec. 6th for Bonefest in Leeds, which has a very promising lineup that includes Pulled Apart By Horses, Dananananaykroyd, and many others.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Voyage

Myspace // "Kitten in the Snow" [Audio]

After a long day at work and even more work after I get home, blogging should be a reprieve, but when you're trying to track down information about a Swedish band with an innocuous name like The Voyage, things are bound to be a little tough. Unfortunately I am going to leave you with almost no information about this band, except that they remind me of a more restrained Mew. This track, as well as the three others on their Myspace, are pretty much indispensible.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flashback Thursday: Ash "Goldfinger"


Throughout their career, Ash has been an amazingly consistent band, but their peak was definitely 1977, a record that still feels like a greatest hits collection. While most people may say that "Girl From Mars" or "Angel Interceptor" is the definitive track on this album, my Ash moment has always been "Goldfinger," a song that balances the band's energetic side with a more mature edge.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CityLights "Mashed on Fashion"

Myspace // "Mashed on Fashion" [Audio]

We last wrote about this promising three piece from Nottingham in September and since then, they've produced a video for "Mashed in Fashion." While it may be a low budget affair, it still is quite appealing.

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Monday, November 17, 2008


Myspace // "Spanish Girls" [Audio]

Bloc Party may not have been the band to signal England's seachange into dance rock, but Silent Alarm is arguably not just the scene's best album, but one of this decade's best. In the months leading up to that record, I could sense something pretty special was around the corner, and now I get that same feeling with Leeds' Wintermute.

Their EP Fun With Wizard Stencils hints at this greatness, and although their math rock peers, like Foals and Dartz! have produced very good albums, the one that is sure to set this scene on fire is brewing in the heads of this four piece right now. According to the band's Myspace, an album will be out in early '09, featuring the EP tracks, rerecorded old favourites, and some new tunes.

Here's a live session from Channel M in Manchester -- check out the band doing "Dead or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses" and "Jambon! Jambon!"

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flashback Thursday: Pulp "A Little Soul"


Remember back when I used to do "Flashback Tuesday"? Well, this is me trying to bring it back. This time around, no history will just be short and sweet with a video I've (almost) forgotten about.

Pulp was never a band that I was in love with, but I do have just about everything they've done. Their early career is underrated, Different Class is overrated, and This is Hardcore is their masterpiece. It's an album that is sublime and hits you when you least expect it, and "A Little Soul" is its emotional lynchpin, a genius tune that elevated Jarvis Cocker to the top of the heap. Unfortunately he has yet to match this.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jay Jay Pistolet: Free mp3

Myspace // "Oh Caroline" [Audio]

We've touched on the greatness of Jay Jay Pistolet before, from his gig at the Great Escape to his tunes that bring to mind literary greats, as well as contemporaries like Johnny Flynn. Now the West London native has been hand-picked by Laura Marling for a UK tour, which started last Friday. His debut Happy Birthday You EP, produced by Charlie Fink (of Noah and the Whale), will be released on November 17th on Stiff Records.

UK DATES- NOVEMBER (main support for Laura Marling)
TUE 18 LONDON - EP LAUNCH PARTY (full details tbc)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Girls Aloud "The Promise"


Out of Control is yet another solid album from Girls Aloud, and I am not the only person who likes it.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire

[Photo Credit: Becky Davis]

Myspace // "Horrorcraft" [Audio] // "A Fire Born in Dallas" [Video]

Newcastle's Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire are the sneaky type. They're not a band that hits you right away, and although it may take a few listens, it's totally worth it. Much like Leeds outfit Wintermute, these guys are heavy on the angular mathisms while keeping a keen eye on tunes as well. For a band who were just out of the gate in May with their debut single, they seem to be pretty far along and no doubt have a brilliant debut album up their sleeves.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Clik Clik Break Up

Myspace // "Went to a Party" [Audio] // "Did You Wrong" [Video]

Another good band has split. From their Facebook:

Hey guys,

After much fun and laughter has been had with The Clik Clik we've decided to call it a day. We've all had a great time but just feel that it's time to try something different. You've all been amazing fans to us and we hope you've enjoyed the ride because we certainly have!

We'll be in contact with you all soon about what our future plans
are but until then, thank you very much!

Stefan, Maya, Henry & Dru - The Clik Clik x

Luckily we got to see them at the Great Escape this year!

Let's hope they have some more good music in them.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Jean on Jean

Myspace // "Tonight [Audio]

Outhud may have been the hook that got me to listen to Jean on Jean, but it's obviously not what has kept me hanging around. The band, fronted by former Outhud-er Molly Shnick, will probably be never heard beneath the flicker of a disco ball, and that's okay. Their self-titled debut is out next month on Kanine Records, and while it may be too twee for its own good, obvious nods to breezy autumn favorites like Belle & Sebastian are all I need to forget about Shnick's old band, if only just a little bit.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rolo Tomassi

[Photo Credit: Tom Barnes]

Myspace // "Scabs" [Audio]

I've spent a lot of time going back and forth on these guys and I've finally come to the conclusion that they're good, although I have to be in the right frame of mind for them. It's stuff that I went wild for when I was 17, but every now and then, the right band like this comes along that I can get down with. At times, they remind me of the Assistant, albeit more tuneful and without the five minutes of pretentious stories between songs. Rolo Tomassi also gathers as much influences from electronica as they do guitars, and they've recently wrapped up a tour with Blood Red Shoes, who are pretty much the best band ever.

The band's debut album Hysterics is out now in the UK on Hassle Records.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

The Small Screen Light Show

Myspace // "I'm Too In Love" [Audio]

Although this band is young, the tunes on their Myspace are totally blowing my mind right now. I am not sure if it's the band's exuberance or how instantly familiar they feel, but this is one of my best finds in the past several months. Throw everything you know about guy and girl duos out the window because this isn't cheesy Mates of State-inspired shit. The tunes may be catchy, but they bring to mind the upbeat side of Idlewild or The Cure. The kids are showing us how it's done again.

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