Thursday, September 14, 2006

Age Rings

[Photo Credit: Jenny Frazier]

Isn't it funny how Canada doesn't have any bands? No, I am not fucking with you! There are no bands in Canada, only collectives, those constantly shifting groups of friends, artists and musicians. Like their northern neighbors, Boston's Age Rings is much more than a band -- it's an always evolving collective, but it's also a group of young and talented musicians who know their shit and can rock a room, as was evidenced by their support slot for Birdmonster this past summer. According to their official website/MySpace page, the band has a residency at T.T. The Bears in October to celebrate the release of their debut album, Look...The Dusk Is Growing. The disc is a swirling mess of indie rock joy that references Spoon, Pavement and a Wilco without the pretension.

MySpace: Age Rings
Audio: "Millions Of Americans"


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