Friday, November 30, 2007

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit

Some artists have the power to transport you to different places and times. Whether it's evoking a turn of the century whiskey stomp or just a certain emotion, it really takes a special talent to communicate something to a listener thousands of miles away. Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit have that talent. Hailing from the United Kingdom, the five piece neo-folk group evokes the free wheeling sound of traveling minstrels.

It's probably because Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit are storytellers in every sense of the word. Each song features poetic lyrics that tell a story, while
Johnny Flynn somehow manages to perfectly match his voice to the subject at hand. Whether it's light and lovely ("Tickle Me Pink") or achingly angry ("Cold Bread"), the man just knows how to paint a picture. Interesting instrumental choices also play an important role in transporting the listener back to a different time and place. Intricate finger picked guitars and banjos set the musical foundation, while gorgeous flourishes like muted horns or Appalachian styled background vocals add something special to the mix.

The songs sound like they could have been played at some indescript location hundreds of years ago, yet they somehow do not feel dated. I guess good music never gets old? I could write pages about their intelligent, interesting, and, above all else, subtle music... but I'll just leave it at the following: Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit are immensely talented. Jump on the bandwagon now.

[Myspace] Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit
[mp3] "The Box"

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I accidentally stumbled into Chairlift during Pop Montreal -- I had no idea who they were, but I was intrigued by the homemade, photo-copied sleeves of their singles. I missed their set, but those singles are among the year's best.

The trio had their beginnings at college in Boulder, CO, but they've since settled in Brooklyn where they've become part of an exciting circuit of new bands like Yeasayer and MGMT. At first I simply described the band as "weird shit," but realizing that wasn't very effective, I settled on something that made much more sense -- 25th century folktronica. These are the tunes that will get
Buck Rogers on the dance floor.

[mp3] "Doves of Summer"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Richard Hawley Tour

As the new year begins, ex-Pulp member and UK cult crooner Richard Hawley will begin this very limited US tour. Lady's Bridge is out now on Mute.

12/01 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
12/02 - Philadelphia, PA @ World Café Live
12/04 - Cambridge, MA @ TT the Bear’s
12/06 - Chicago, IL @ The Abbey
12/07 - Minneapolis, MN @ 400 Bar
12/10 - Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Café
12/12 - San Francisco, CA @ Café du Nord
12/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour

[Myspace] Richard Hawley
[Video] "Serious"
[Video] "Tonight the Streets Are Ours"

Grand Ole Party Tour With Vampire Weekend

Grand Ole Party spent the fall touring with Rilo Kiley and they'll be closing out the year playing several dates with Vampire Weekend. Their White Stripes-meets-The Gossip debut Humanimals is out now digitally. The real life copy will be available through DH Records on February 8th, 2008.


02 San Diego, CA - The Casbah *

03 Los Angeles, CA - The Echo *

05 San Francisco, CA - Independent *
07 Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court *

08 Denver, CO - Bluebird *

09 Omaha, NE - Slowdown *

11 Chicago, IL - Schubas *

12 Iowa City, IA - The Picador

13 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge

14 Norman, OK - Opolis

15 Austin, TX - Emo's

31 Solona Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern

*w/ Vampire Weekend

[Buy] Humanimals
Grand Ole Party
[mp3] "Nasty Habits"

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Look See Proof

Hailing from Herts, English group Look See Proof are building a buzz with the release of their first single "Local Hero" and regular gigs around the UK. They are another teen group that is harnessing the same energy that has made The Wombats and The Futureheads household names with songs that play just as well on the stage as they do at the indie discos. Look for a full-length from them next year.


[Buy] "Local Hero"
[Myspace] Look See Proof
[mp3] "Casualty"
[mp3] "Start Again"

Monday, November 26, 2007

Shows In Boston This Week

11.27: The Deathset/DJ Chris Devlin (of Spank Rock) @ Great Scott
11.27: Prefuse 73 @ The Paradise
11.28: Maritime/The One AM Radio @ Middle East Up
11.28: Ween @ The Orpheum
11.29: Celebration/Holy Fuck/Dragons of Zynth @ Middle East Up
11.30: The Pill @ Great Scott
11.30: White Magic @ TT The Bears
12.01: Oneida/Kinski/Cul de Sac @ Middle East Down
12.01: The Luxury/The Brother Kite @ TT The Bears
12.01: Ted Leo/Rx @ The Roxy
12.02: Los Campesinos! @ Great Scott
12.02: Mobius Band/Tiger City/Middle Distance Runner @ Middle East Down
12.02: Gore Gore Girls @ TT The Bears
12.02: Elvis Perkins in Dearland/Bon Iver @ The Paradise
12.02: Neil Young @ The Orpheum

The Two Koreas

The Two Koreas

For a band made up of Toronto music critics, The Two Koreas are surprising good. Apparently, my theory that music writers are always bitter ex-musicians whose dreams were dashed at one time or another isn't always correct. The Two Koreas play an articulate brand of post-punk full of wiry riffs, talky vocals, and charming lyrics about the bleak reaches of Communism. The band injects a breath of fresh air into the old verse chorus verse formula, taking the sounds of The Velvet Underground, Wire, and Pavement and updating them for the 21st century. It doesn't get any better than "Cloth Coat Revolution," which may be a contender for my song of the year.

[Myspace] The Two Koreas
[mp3] "Cloth Coat Revolution"

Friday, November 23, 2007

Justice Remix f/ Mos Def & Spank Rock

[Photo Credit: Cesar Sebastian]

Today in America, we are celebrating/avoding the unofficial holiday known as Black Friday, which is generally the busiest shopping day of the year. Stores open up a 4 am, lines are long and the sales are deep. Most sane people like to avoid this mess, so I think I am making the right decision by not descending into this craziness.

To celebrate the holiday season, and also to remember how awesome this past summer was, here's a new remix of Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." (like we need another one) done up by Benny Blanco featuring Mos Def and Spank Rock. It's a song that will match the frenetic pace of this entire weekend.

[Myspace] Justice
[mp3] "D.A.N.C.E." (f/ Mos Def & Spank Rock)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Georgie James "Need Your Needs"

This man was in Corm and Q and Not U, and now Jonathan Davis has stepped up to the mic Dave Grohl-style in Georgie James. Their debut LP, Places, is out now on Saddle Creek.

[Myspace] Georgie James

Kate Nash Gets US Release

[Photo Credit: Clare Nash]

She may be massive in the UK, but
Kate Nash remains on the musical fringe here in the States. That may all change with the release of Made of Bricks on January 8th through Geffen. The album was produced by Paul Epworth, who is known for his work with Muse, The Kills, Tom Vek, Babyshambles and Bloc Party.

Kate Nash

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Raveonettes Set US Release Date

The Raveonettes will release their third full-length, Lust Lust Lust, to American audiences on February 19th, 2008. The follow up to 2005’s Pretty in Black is the Danish-bred noir-pop duo’s Vice Records debut. Released in the UK on November 12th, the album has already enjoyed a wave of critical praise -- NME dubbed it the Rave’s “most engrossing album to date,” while The Fly calls it “a bleak, uncompromising masterpiece, it’s their best yet.” The US release will include a pair of bonus tracks not packaged with the UK version, and will be available on LP, CD and in digital format. While Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo are currently trekking across Europe, the duo is planning a US tour behind the record in March, centered around a host of appearances at SXSW in Austin, Texas. If you missed the premiere at Stereogum earlier this month, here’s another chance to check Lust Lust Lust’s first track, the cavernous, reverb-drenched “Aly Walk With Me.”

[Myspace] The Raveonettes
[mp3] "Aly, Walk With Me"

Exitfare Videography: Bjork

Remember those days when MTV actually played videos?

I do, and it was pretty awesome sacrificing sleep to stay up late Sunday nights to watch every last second of 120 Minutes. Sure, now I can fire up Youtube and watch almost any video ever, but it's not the same. Part of the excitement of MTV in its heyday was staying up late and not knowing what video you'd see. You'd know and expect to see the big names when they had new albums out, like Sonic Youth, Jawbox or Blur.

MTV2 has a sorry excuse for a new video show (Subterranean) and there are a ton of other outlines to check out new stuff, like Music Choice or On Demand, but the spontaneity is not there and that really sucks.

In honor of me missing my favorite video outlets of the past, I am going to put together these collections every week or so -- or at least that's my intent. Bjork is a great place to start because she has an expansive collection of work that is completely unlike anything else out there. Most of her videos are brilliant visual displays that are made for repeated views and he choice of directors is always spot on. Sure, there was a clunker here or there ("Violently Happy" for one), but more often than not, what she does in a three to four minute clip is often more mind-blowing than many movies.

"Human Behaviour"

Her first solo album (Debut) came out in '93, which gave us one of her most iconic works, "Human Behaviour." It was a track that made its way into regular rotation on MTV and preceded clips for "Venus as a Boy," "Play Dead," Big Time Sensuality" and the aforementioned "Violently Happy." In '95, Post brought about the decidedly more rock "Army of Me," "Isobel," the Spike Jonze-directed "It's Oh So Quiet," which was played ad nauseam (but for good reason), "Possibly Maybe" and the stunning "Hyperballad," which remains one of my favorite songs and videos to this day. The remix album Telegram dropped in '96 which brought about the video for "I Miss You."


To this day, the videos from Homogenic remain my favorite because they pair some of her best visual imagery with her absolute best musical work to date. "Joga" works because it illustrates its point in the simplest way possible, with a camera gliding over the Icelandic landscape. The other clips from this record were just as innovative from the bald Bjork in "Hunter" to the deft storytelling in "Bachelorette" to the robots falling in love in "All is Full of Love."

"All is Full of Love"

It took four years for a proper follow-up, but the work from Vespertine was some of her best yet, highlighted best by the clip for "Pagan Poetry." With Medulla, she produced three clips, including "Triumph of a Heart" which makes me laugh every time I see it. This year's Volta sees Bjork up to her old tricks with three excellent videos -- "Earth Intruders," "Innocence" and "Wanderlust."

[Myspace] Bjork
[Video] Debut: "Venus as a Boy"
[Video] Post: "It's Oh So Quiet" & "Isobel"
[Video] Homogenic: "Joga" & "Bachelorette"
[Video] Vespertine: "Pagan Poetry"
[Video] Medulla: "Triumph of a Heart"
[Video] Volta: "Earth Intruders"

Monday, November 19, 2007

Shows In Boston This Week

11.19: VHS or Beta/Moving Units @ The Paradise
11.19: Simple Kid @ MFA
11.19: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band @ TD Banknorth Garden
11.21: Malajube @ Middle East Up
11.21: Ben Lee/Cary Brothers @ Middle East Down
11.21: Tegan & Sara/Northern State @ Berklee Performance Center
11.23: The Pill (w/ The Blakes) @ Great Scott
11.23: Planes Mistaken For Stars @ Middle East Up
11.23: Dinosaur Jr. @ The Paradise
11.24: Dinosaur Jr. @ The Paradise
11.25: Age Rings @ Great Scott
11.25: Shonen Knife @ Middle East Up
11.25: Sondre Lerche/Dan Wilson @ The Paradise

Lets Bitter Cinema

Lets Bitter Cinema

When I first wrote about Lets Bitter Cinema nine months ago, the "band" consisted of one guy from Sheffield who played all of the instruments himself--sorta like a punk Bright Eyes. Sometime over the following months, a couple of members were added and Lets Bitter Cinema became a proper band. To celebrate, LBC released a single on Young & Lost Club Records and recorded a couple of new songs. Their music still features the same spitfire punk vocals over gritty synths, but seems to have a little added depth. I'm really digging "Sometimes," a trance-like song that feels like something you'd hear at the coolest underground club in London.

[Myspace] Lets Bitter Cinema
[mp3] "Sometimes"

Friday, November 16, 2007

A Drink with Spank Rock

Up now on (link below) is a short clip of Spank Rock out drinking -- there are cartoons, mentions of Jared Leto and car bombs.

Spank Rock
[Video] A Drink with Spank Rock

Concerto For Constantine

When JJ72 called it quits last June, things were a little quieter around the Exitfare office, but over the past year a few demos have creeped onto Mark Greaney's Myspace page, plus there was promise of a new project. While checking it out tonight, I found out that his new band has been together for a few months.

The band is called Concerto For Constantine and is rounded out by bassist Gavin Fox (formerly of Turn, Idlewild and Vega4) and drummer Binzer (formerly of The Frames, BellX1 and Halite), who also plays drums for Mundy and My Brightest Diamond. The demos they have posted are rough and fairly straightforward with only hints of the members epic rock roots. I am excited to see where these guys take this new group, and it's great to see Greaney making music again.

Concerto For Constantine
[mp3] "Killing Fields"

Foals "Balloons"

Brand new video from Foals, who were one of the few highlights of this year's CMJ. Look for a full-length from them in 2008.

[Myspace] Foals
[mp3] "Balloons"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pull Tiger Tail

Pull Tiger Tail

Although it's been almost a year since I first started writing about Pull Tiger Tail, I seem to like the young band from Stratford-Upon-Avon more and more every day. The trio put a bunch of new songs online recently, which appear to be a combination of b-sides and possible tracks for their forthcoming debut album. If these songs are any indication, the record will be an exuberant journey from start to finish.

I definitely knew that Pull Tiger Tail had a knack for writing dance floor anthems after hearing the opening strains of "Animator" and "Mr. 100 Percent." What I didn't realize is that they had so many hits up their sleeves! The incredibly named "Tom Waits For No Man" is made up of little more than a bubbly vocal line, repeated over somewhat nondescript guitar, synth and drums. Although this might be a mere fragment of a song for a lesser band, Pull Tiger Tail ultimately makes it seem like a fleshed out, energetic hit... one that will seep its way into your brain and stay there for a week.

The band also shows previously unheard depth on the moody "Light Turns Red," but I'll save writing about that one for another day. For now, you can check that song out on the band's Myspace page.

[Myspace] Pull Tiger Tail
[mp3] "Tom Waits For No Man"

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chris Walla Solo Album

[Photo Credit: Ryan Russell]

Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla has his debut solo album Field Manual complete and set for a January 29, 2008 release date.

I suppose this guy isn't busy enough, what with his main band and all of his production work, including Tegan & Sara and The Decemberists. Exciting!

Field Manual full track listing:

1. Two Fifty
2. The Score
3. Sing Again
4. A Bird Is a Song
5. Geometry &c
6. Everyone Needs a Home
7. Everybody On
8. Our Plans, Collapsing
9. Archer v. Light
10. St. Modesto
11. It’s Unsustainable
12. Holes

[Myspace] Death Cab For Cutie
[mp3] "Sing Again"

M.I.A. "Best Story Ever"

Join hands as M.I.A. tells her "Best Story Ever." There are some weird fucking people out there.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hayden Set to Release New Album

Holy shit I am so excited about this!

Hayden’s fifth full-length CD, titled In Field & Town, is set to release in Canada on January 15, 2008 on his own Hardwood Records. In Field & Town was recorded and produced by Hayden.

Hayden Canadian Tour 2008
Jan. 16 Hamilton, ON Westside Theatre
Jan. 19 Ottawa, ON First Baptist Church
Jan. 20 Montreal, PQ Le National
Jan. 22 Peterboro, ON Market Hall
Jan. 23/24 Keswick, ON CBC’s Vinyl Café
Jan. 25 Kitchener, ON Gig Theatre
Jan. 26 London, ON Aeolin Hall
Jan. 31 Sackville, NB Mt. Allison Univ.
Feb. 1 Halifax, NS Dead of Winter Fest.
Feb. 2 St. John’s, NF LSPU Hall
Feb. 7 Winnipeg, MB WECC
Feb. 8 Saskatoon, SK Louie’s
Feb. 9 Edmonton, AB McDougall United Church
Feb. 12 Vancouver, BC Norm Theatre UBC
Feb. 14 Victoria, BC Alix Goolden Theatre
Feb. 16 Calgary, AB Knox United Church
Feb. 19 Toronto, ON Danforth Music Hall

[Myspace] Hayden

O Fracas "Factfinding"

Exitfare favroites O Fracas return with a new video.

Factfinding EP
O Fracas

Monday, November 12, 2007

RSL Concert Night

While Boston really doesn't rule, some of this city's other bloggers do. Ryan's Smashing Life is presenting a show tonight at the Bulfinch Yacht Club (234 Friend Street). The venue is located just around the corner from North Station and the Garden.

[Myspace] John Brazile
[Myspace] Murder Mystery
[Myspace] St. Christopher
[mp3] Murder Mystery "Love Astronaut"

Shows This Week In Boston

11.12: Battles/White Williams @ The Paradise
11.12: Final Fantasy/Cadence Weapon @ Middle East Up

11.12: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Quentin Stoltzfus/Delta Spirit @ Middle East Down

11.13: Kevin Drew @ The Paradise

11.14: Aqueduct/Georgie James @ Great Scott

11.14: Stiff Little Fingers @ The Paradise

11.14: Electric Six/Willowz/Golden Dogs @ Middle East Down

11.15: The Pipettes/Nicole Atkins & the Sea @ Great Scott

11.15: Yo La Tengo @ MFA

11.16: The Pill @ Great Scott

11.16: State Radio @ The Orpheum

11.16: Bang Camaro @ The Roxy

11.16: Die Mannequin/Guillermo Sexo/Silent Service @ Middle East Up
11.17: Rev, Horton Heat @ The Roxy

11.17: Travis Morrison Hellfighters @ Middle East Up
11.18: Galactic/Mr. Lif @ The Paradise

11.18: My Brightest Diamond/Tim Fite @ MFA

11.18: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band @ TD Banknorth Garden

White Lies

White Lies

A few months back, I wrote about a great little band from the UK called Fear of Flying. Unfortunately, the band disbanded last month due to the pressures of the music business or some shit like that. The three members of Fear of Flying joined forces with some other musicians to form a new band called White Lies that actually seems quite promising. Their song "Unfinished Business" reminds me of a cross between Editors and The Killers in the sense that it's a heavy, yet dancey, new wave song. Definitely keep your eyes on this band.

[Myspace] White Lies
[mp3] "Unfinished Business"

Friday, November 09, 2007

We Start Fires

I don't have time for a proper post at the moment (super busy!), so while you wait... check out the video for "Play You" by the incredible female fronted synth-rock band, We Start Fires.

[Myspace] We Start Fires

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Frightened Rabbit

Glasgow's finest, Frightened Rabbit, are finishing their month long tour of North America with a few last shows on the east coast. I've been eagerly anticipating the show in Boston, because Frightened Rabbit is literally one of my favorite new bands this year (top five, possibly number one). Playing a charmingly infectious brand of indie rock, it's clear that the band concentrates on the core elements of songwriting: melodies and lyrics. Rising verses lead to anthemic choruses, while pulsing percussion is offset by poignant lyrics... every song is an absolute gem. I can't say enough great things about them, so just make sure that you get your ass to these shows.

11/8 Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of the Living Arts
11/9 New York City, NY - Pianos
11/10 New York City, NY - Southpaw
11/11 Boston, MA - Great Scott

Frightened Rabbit
"The Greys"

Mobius Band - New Video

Caviar and champagne? Check. Mirrorball? Check. Theme cakes? Check and check. The new Mobius Band video for "Friends Like These" shows the band throwing a party. Not just your average party either, but one for the ages--with fashionable friends, card tricks, and even a slide show at the end. I've written about Mobius Band at length, so click here or here to read a little more about one of the best indie rock bands out of Brooklyn.

11/08 Montreal, QC - Petit Campus
11/09 Ithaca, NY - Cornell University
11/29 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
11/30 Northampton, MA - Iron Horse
12/02 Boston, MA - Middle East (Downstairs)
12/04 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
12/06 Orlando, FL - Backbooth
12/07 Tampa Bay, FL - Crowbar
12/08 West Palm Beach, FL - Respectable Street
12/09 Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbit¹s
12/10 Charleston, SC - The Map Room
12/11 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
12/12 Norfolk, VA - The Boot
12/13 Baltimore, MD - Lo-Fi Social Club
12/14 Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
12/15 Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar

[Myspace] Mobius Band
[mp3] "Friends Like These"

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blogworld Expo

Not sure if any of you guys are going to the Blogworld Expo this week in Las Vegas, but I'll be there. I am speaking on a panel on Thursday at 1:30 called "Blogging & Popular Culture," and the rest of the week I can be found at the Blogcritics table.

It should be a fun time as I've never been to Vegas before. This is a first for a convention like this on this level, so I am looking forward to meeting a lot of people.

Liars "Houseclouds"

About Liars:
“They embody the anthropophagic attitude of tropicalismo;" says Devendra Banhart in a recent New York Times article. "constantly changing and taking from the cosmos, yet always remaining rooted in themselves… Like being engulfed in a thunderous heart of sound and altruistic experimentalism”

The band is crazy, so who better to comment on them than fellow nutcase Devandra Banheart? "Houseclouds" is the second single off of Liars, is available digitally now and on 7" November 20th.

[Myspace] Liars

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mark Ronson Contest

Not too sure why, but I ignored this record when it came out, but after a few months I noticed that Version was filled with so MANY great songs. Hell, he even makes Amy Winehouse sound good. In honor of my late realization, I am giving away a copy of the new Mark Ronson album. First person to e-mail me the name of the planet Alf was from wins.

[Myspace] Mark Ronson
[Video] "Oh My God" (f/ Lily Allen)


[Photo Credit: Cortney Groves]

The 1900s are a seven-piece indie pop group from Chicago with an amazing story: of love gained and lost, rags to riches, and everything in between. Made up of old friends from grade school and new lovers, the band slaved away for months to realize their sound and record their debut E.P., Plume Delivery. Then, upon playing their first show, they got a record deal with Urbana's Parasol Records.

Next, a whirlwind--SXSW, Lollapalooza, blog love, rumors of major label interest, CMJ showcases... not to mention, the recording and eventual release of their debut album.
Cold & Kind shows the band expanding upon their previous work with more confident arrangements, more memorable hooks, and even richer textures. With the gorgeous male-female vocal dynamic down and an amazing breadth of sound (from indie pop to baroque chamber pop to folk and back again), the music is simply enchanting. Fans of Feist, Johnny Flynn, and Belle & Sebastian should check out 1900s immediately.

[Myspace] 1900s
[mp3] "When I Say Go"

Monday, November 05, 2007

Jamie T on Carson Daly + iTunes Session

Jamie T recently made his US television debut on Last Call with Carson Daly where he performed "Sheila." Also, iTunes will be releasing an exclusive full band live session on December 4th with some new tracks. Check out the Daly performance above.

Jamie T

Shows In Boston This Week

11.06: Sea Wolf @ Middle East Up
11.06: Juliette & the Licks/Scissors For Lefty @ Middle East Down
11.06: Jonah Matranga @ The Paradise Lounge
11.06: Legendary Shackshakers @ TT The Bears
11.07: Plastic Little/Chris Devlin (of Spank Rock) @ Middle East Up
11.07: Razorlight/The Von Bondies/Gran Ronde @ Middle East Down
11.07: Sia @ The Paradise
11.07: Jimmy Eat World/Viva Voce @ The Orpheum
11.08: The Black Angels @ Middle East Up
11.08: Melt-Banana/Daughters/Ho-Ag @ Middle East Down
11.08: Castanets @ PA's Lounge
11.09: The Pill @ Great Scott
11.09: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings @ Middle East Down
11.09: Menomena/Illinois @ The Paradise
11.10: The Everyday Visuals @ Middle East Down
11.11: Frightened Rabbit @ Great Scott
11.11: Annie Lennox/Carina Round @ Symphony Hall

Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Ghostface Killah

This appears to be the first official track off of the upcoming Ghostface album. The Big Dough Rehab will be out next month through Island Def Jam.

Ghostface Killah
[Stream] "Celebrate" [f/ Kid Capri]

Friday, November 02, 2007

Black Lips: In the Movies + New Tour Dates

Springboard Films has announced that the Black Lips (VICE) have signed on to star in the feature film, Let It Be. Scheduled to begin production in May of 2008, Let It Be takes place during the late eighties in the post-punk American underground rock scene. Atlanta's notorious Black Lips will play a fictional band who become a symbol of the changing cultural landscape. The movie will be filmed throughout the Southeast and will include notable music of the period and new music written by the band.

Let It Be will be produced by veteran producer Andrew Meyer (Fried Green Tomatoes, The Breakfast Club) and Winn Coslick (The Bottom), and directed by award-winning producer/director Roger Rawlings (Neurotica).

Springboard Films has formed a creative partnership with VICE Music for this project.

Black Lips also make appearances on Fuel TV and Viva Radio this week. Their session
on Viva Radio airs at 4pm eastern time this Friday, November 2nd. Check it out at Details on Fuel TV below.

Friday, November 2nd: Black Lips The hyperactive Atlanta-based garage-rockers blister through "O' Katrina" and "Bad Kids" from their latest Good Bad Not Evil.

"The Daily Habit" is FUEL TV's first original daily series, telecast weeknights at 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT) while re-airing later in the evening at 12:00 am ET (9:00 pm PT), and the following weekday at 2:30pm ET (11:30am PT) and 5:30pm ET (2:30 pm PT). "The Daily Habit" encompasses the world of the action sports enthusiast, mixing the best in pop culture with today's top action sports personalities, cutting-edge music, product reviews and comedy.

Upcoming tour dates:
Nov 30 - Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse w/ Snowden, Deerhunter, and Selmanaires

Dec 5 - Athens, GA @ Georgia Theatre w/ Deerhunter

Dec 7 - Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre w/ The Sammies

Dec 8 - Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel /w Reigning Sound

Black Lips
[mp3] "Veni Vidi Vici" [Diplo remix]

Friends Of John: Ra Ra Riot Benefit Concert

Just wanted to pass along information on Friends Of John, a benefit concert that is happening in honor of John Pike, the late drummer of Syracuse band Ra Ra Riot. The show is happening December 15th in Boston at Middle East Downstairs and will feature performances by Ra Ra Riot, Tokyo Police Club, Vampire Weekend and special guests. Tickets are $15 and you must be 18+ to attend.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the John Ryan Pike Memorial Foundation.

For those of you who are unable to make it to the show but would still like to donate to the memorial fund, donations can be sent to the John Ryan Pike Memorial Fund:

c/o Citizens Bank
37 Enon Street
Beverly, MA 01915

Or via Paypal to: johnryanpikememorialfund(AT)

Started by his family, the John Ryan Pike Memorial Foundation is going to begin a lending library of musical instruments that will allow underprivileged children to begin playing by borrowing an instrument, or simply provide them access to an instrument that they may have never tried before. The foundation plans to join forces with local high schools and colleges to bring these children together with students who are willing to volunteer music lessons. The long term hope for the foundation is that one day, they will have the means necessary to create a rehearsal/recording space and ultimately a community where musicians can continue on in the pursuit of John's passion, playing and creating music.

For more information on the foundation you email: johnrpikememorialfund(AT)

[Myspace] John Pike

Kate Nash

I don't like sleeping on great new music because seriously, my job is to find the new stuff for you to rock. I am completely guilty of this with Kate Nash on a number of levels, especially being the obsessive NME-reader that I am. When I was in Montreal a few weeks ago, I saw her debut Made of Bricks on sale [it's out in the States next year], so I decided to finally give her a shot. I was not disappointed, as she imagines Regina Spektor as a Brit and with a bit of a hankering for electronics, plus the cheekiness of Lily Allen.

The Foundations EP is currently available now both digitally and at traditional retailers.

[Myspace] Kate Nash
[mp3] "Mouthwash"
[mp3] "Fluorescent Adolescent" [Arctic Monkeys cover Live on BBC Radio 1]
[Video] "Foundations"

Those Dancing Days "Hitten"

While the fact that two of the members of Swedish group Those Dancing Days are pretty damn hot, that's not the only reason I got into them. The band's first single is utterly infectious and catchy and all of the other words you use to succinctly say "I can't get this fucking song out of my head!" Think of Belle & Sebastian with a dose of soul and you won't be too far off.

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Kylie Minogue Remix

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Kylie. X, her first studio album in four years, drops early next year, but in the meantime, she'll be releasing a new single called "2 Hearts" on Nov. 12th.

[Myspace] Kylie Minogue
"2 Hearts" [Studio Remix]

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Rademaceher Album

When I first saw Rademacher play a few years ago at Tokyo Garden in Fresno, they weren't the band that I had gone out to see, but they were the group that I left raving about. The band has stayed busy, playing shows across the country and recording a few essential EPs, but this December will see the release of their debut long-player, Stunts. They're doing it all by themselves, and the result couldn't have been better.

To celebrate the album's release, four LA blogs will be featuring songs from the album each week starting this Friday. Here is the schedule:

11/02 --
Radio Free Silverlake
11/09 --
You Set The Scene
11/16 --
Aquarium Drunkard
11/23 --
Inflight at Night

And the band is playing all over California starting tonight.

11.01.07 - FRESNO, CA - Tokyo Garden Residency (Thursdays)

11.04.07 - SILVERLAKE, CA - Spaceland

11.07.07 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Knockout Residency (Wednesdays)

11.08.07 - FRESNO, CA - Tokyo Garden Residency (Thursdays)

11.09.07 - SAN JOSE, CA - Gingerbread House

11.10.07 - SANTA CRUZ, CA - Metamusic Records In-Store

11.10.07 - SANTA CRUZ, CA - Cafe Pergolesi

11.11.07 - EAGLE ROCK, CA - Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club

11.14.07 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Knockout Residency (Wednesdays)

11.15.07 - FRESNO, CA - Tokyo Garden Residency (Thursdays)

11.16.07 - SACRAMENTO, CA - Java Lounge

11.17.07 - SACRAMENTO, CA - R5 Records In-Store

11.17.07 - MERCED, CA - The Partisan

11.18.07 - SILVERLAKE, CA - Spaceland

11.21.07 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Knockout Residency (Wednesdays)

11.24.07 - FRESNO, CA - Tokyo Garden Residency (Special Saturday Show)

11.25.07 - EAGLE ROCK, CA - Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club

11.28.07 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Knockout Residency (Wednesdays)

11.29.07 - FRESNO, CA - Tokyo Garden Residency (Thursdays)

12.02.07 - SACRAMENTO, CA - Record Club at The Press Club

"If U Got Some Magic"