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Interview: Elle Milano

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Interviews are back at Exitfare, let's get excited. To welcome back this feature, we talked to Brighton, UK based Elle Milano, a band we've been excited about for quite some time. James and I talked about the band's upcoming debut album (out April 14th, pre-orders here), tabloids and the brilliant noise that is Scouting for Girls. The band will be touring the UK in April.

Exitfare: Tell me about the band, like how it formed and all of that stuff. Where are you based?

James: We are Elle Milano and we formed because a fortune cookie told us to. It said "try something new and you will be rewarded," so we decided to start a band then and there. Me and Adam met at college back in 2004 and then picked up Chloe at University so we could start playing live shows. We are now based in Brighton because we all love the sea so much.

E: You guys are about to put out your first album. Tell us a bit about it. It seems like it took a long time to come together.

J: Well the album is called Acres Of Dead Space Cadets and packs more hits than a "Phil Collins- Best Of." It was recorded in a little cottage in Kent which we invaded for three weeks nearly two years ago and is self-produced. It took so long to come together as we've had to do everything ourselves... there's been no major label money or help along the way. We've also been finishing off degrees which has further held things back. Despite all this, it's ready to go now and our next single will be "Meanwhile In Hollywood..." for which we are shooting a video next weekend. That's gonna be released in a couple of months and has a full scale orchestra so what could possibly go wrong?

E: Who are some of your favorite bands to play with? Do you think any of them will take over the world?

J: We're playing with fellow Brighton bands Maths Class and Heels Catch Fire tomorrow which is always a joy. I think they have the potential to "get big" real soon. Both bands have got a real intensity in their live shows which always compelling to watch and are releasing EPs later this year so watch out for that. I saw The Ghost Frequency live last week and although we haven't played with them, think they could go on to bigger better things... or maybe that was the alcohol enhancing my perception of their performance. Either way, I enjoyed it.

E: If any member of Elle Milano were on the cover of a tabloid, who would it be and why?

J: It would have to be our secret, silent fourth member 'Bono,' as he is the most famous of us all and it would probably be because he was purchasing a new pair of sunglasses.

E: When family ask you what your band sounds like, what do you tell them?

J: Well I normally tell them something different each time to keep it interesting. My cousin thinks our sound encompasses the the raw power of a tidal wave and and the magic of Disney on ice... my Dad on the other hand knows exactly what we sound like as he can't escape our basement rehearsals that penetrate the whole house and surrounding neighborhood.

E: What's the best thing about being in Elle Milano? The worst?

J: I would say all the traveling around the world and visiting pastures was the best thing, but we haven't done any of that yet. I shall therefore put "being denied world travel" in the 'worst' category. The best thing is simply the unadulterated joy of playing music onstage with my friends; it might seem obvious but the best gigs are definitely the ones where the crowd are clearly enjoying it. I think there's probably some sort of energy exchange between the audience and us on stage that really enhances our performance. Deep, man.

E: If you were given the power to break up one chart band, who would it be and why?

J: Scouting For Girls because I just don't get it and think it's shallow. They are however selling lots and lots of albums so they'll be having the last laugh. My new goal is to sell more albums than Scouting For Girls. Get on that.

E: Besides the album, what does 2008 have in store for you? Charity work? Dance parties with the queen?

J: Yeah you guessed it, lots of charity work. I'll be finding homes for homeless cats while Adam and Chloe are being drafted to a small village Africa to help build a well that will provide fresh water for years to come. True story.


Anonymous liv said...

ahhh, elle milano is my favourite band ever.

10:13 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

such a good band - they deserve success.

check theres loads of old material up there.

4:20 PM EST  
Anonymous Alex Polino said...

haha..i really like the last response.

But Elle Milano is awesome and they NEED to come to Chicago!!

9:27 PM EDT  

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