Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"If Brian Wilson, Karen Carpenter, Burt Bacharach, Billy Corgan and Kevin Shields all merged into one you'd still only be halfway to the Captain sound. As comfortable with pop as they are with vast soundscapes, this band arent interested in any scenes. They're busy forging their own." Pulled from their "About Us" section on MySpace, those lines sum up the Captain experience perfectly, and it's something you hear all over their debut, This Is Hazelville. I first latched onto the band last year when the "Frontline" 7" came out, but I had forgotten about them until I saw an ad for their album in the NME a couple of weeks ago. The album was worth the wait -- it's filled with instantly catchy and unique pop jams.

MySpace: Captain
Audio: "Glorious"
Audio: "Frontline"


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