Monday, November 19, 2007

Lets Bitter Cinema

Lets Bitter Cinema

When I first wrote about Lets Bitter Cinema nine months ago, the "band" consisted of one guy from Sheffield who played all of the instruments himself--sorta like a punk Bright Eyes. Sometime over the following months, a couple of members were added and Lets Bitter Cinema became a proper band. To celebrate, LBC released a single on Young & Lost Club Records and recorded a couple of new songs. Their music still features the same spitfire punk vocals over gritty synths, but seems to have a little added depth. I'm really digging "Sometimes," a trance-like song that feels like something you'd hear at the coolest underground club in London.

[Myspace] Lets Bitter Cinema
[mp3] "Sometimes"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets bitter cinema are well good buy their tracks!!! go to their gigs!!! they r v gd :D

5:19 AM EDT  
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