Monday, August 06, 2007

Fear of Flying

There are [at least] two bands named Fear Of Flying playing shows in the world right now. One bills itself as "New York's premier progressive power rock band," while the other
Fear Of Flying hails from the United Kingdom and is actually good. Go figure. In case anyone is confused, I'll be writing about the UK band from here on out.

The past year has been a good one for the Fear of Flying, who have signed with the impeccable
Young & Lost Club, released two well-received singles, and supported the likes of Jamie T and The Maccabees on the road. Unlike some of their uber serious contemporaries, the trio plays a fun brand of indie rock, mixing playful lyrics with pulsing guitar and throbbing drum beats. I'm really taken with their second single "Three's A Crowd," which, according to the band, is about "the very real and painful jealousy you experience when you believe your girlfriend to be cheating on you...with her cat." Who can't identify with that?

[Myspace] Fear Of Flying
[mp3] "Three's A Crowd"


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