Friday, November 16, 2007

Concerto For Constantine

When JJ72 called it quits last June, things were a little quieter around the Exitfare office, but over the past year a few demos have creeped onto Mark Greaney's Myspace page, plus there was promise of a new project. While checking it out tonight, I found out that his new band has been together for a few months.

The band is called Concerto For Constantine and is rounded out by bassist Gavin Fox (formerly of Turn, Idlewild and Vega4) and drummer Binzer (formerly of The Frames, BellX1 and Halite), who also plays drums for Mundy and My Brightest Diamond. The demos they have posted are rough and fairly straightforward with only hints of the members epic rock roots. I am excited to see where these guys take this new group, and it's great to see Greaney making music again.

Concerto For Constantine
[mp3] "Killing Fields"


Blogger stytzer said...

The link for Killing Fields is not working. As a fan of JJ72, I think Gaps is quite a disappointment, but thanks for posting it :)

8:59 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... did his voice finally change?

10:43 AM EST  
Blogger Dany said...

link is fixed

12:37 AM EST  
Blogger Victoria said...


Soy una fan de jj72 (méxico)
Y la verdad, al menos a mi, me gustó mucho Concerto for Constantine.

Un gran saludo y esperamos pronto noticias de ustedes!



I'm a big fan of jj72 (from mexico)
And, i like Concerto for constantine very very very much!!!!

XOXO and we will wait for news from u!

11:56 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the dublin castle - camden gig can be found at:

7:15 PM EDT  

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