Monday, November 12, 2007

White Lies

White Lies

A few months back, I wrote about a great little band from the UK called Fear of Flying. Unfortunately, the band disbanded last month due to the pressures of the music business or some shit like that. The three members of Fear of Flying joined forces with some other musicians to form a new band called White Lies that actually seems quite promising. Their song "Unfinished Business" reminds me of a cross between Editors and The Killers in the sense that it's a heavy, yet dancey, new wave song. Definitely keep your eyes on this band.

[Myspace] White Lies
[mp3] "Unfinished Business"


Anonymous ailingamelie said...

Yeah, I'm looking for some information about them, but finally I found they're quite unknowns.
They remind of Interpol and Editors, but the song works very well.
I hope they will continue in this way.
Do you know the date of the album release? I don't succeed in finding anything.

6:07 AM EDT  

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