Monday, May 14, 2007

Pull Tiger Tail + Shows in Boston This Week

We first wrote about Pull Tiger Tail way back in November, but they've been so super busy in the last couple of months that I just had to write about them again. Besides recording their debut full length (due out in September) and playing a whole host of high profile shows throughout the United Kingdom, Pull Tiger Tail has taped what seems like a million music videos and posted them all on YouTube. The electric performance featured in the video for single "Let's Lightning" is great, as are the impressive special effects in the video for "Hurricanes." But my favorite by far is the video for "Mr. 100 Percent," which features the Stratford-Upon-Avon three piece playing a strangely intense and entertaining game of Scrabble. More importantly, the video features one of the catchiest indie rock songs that's come out in recent memory. Pull Tiger Tail may not be as big as their dear friends in Klaxons, but they definitely will be.

[Myspace] Pull Tiger Tail
[mp3] "Mr. 100 Percent"

This Week In Boston
05.14: The Album Leaf/Young Galaxy @ Middle East Down
05.15: Southern Culture on the Skids @ Middle East Down
05.15: !!!/Holy Fuck @ The Paradise
05.15: Laura Viers @ Middle East Up
05.15: The Cinematics/The Changes @ TT the Bears
05.16: Hail Social/On The Surface @ Middle East Up
05.16: Electrelane/The Blow @ The Paradise
05.17: Pretty Girls Make Graves/Call Me Lightning @ Middle East Down
05.18: Richard Lloyd & the Sufi Monkeys/The Downbeat 5 @ TT the Bears
05.19: Tapes ‘n Tapes/Ladyhawk/Harlem Shakes @ The Paradise
05.18: The Pill @ Great Scott
05.19: Mando Diao/Pop Levi/The Films @ TT the Bears
05.20: Page France @ TT the Bears


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the cocorosie show has been cancelled.

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