Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Look See Proof

Hailing from Herts, English group Look See Proof are building a buzz with the release of their first single "Local Hero" and regular gigs around the UK. They are another teen group that is harnessing the same energy that has made The Wombats and The Futureheads household names with songs that play just as well on the stage as they do at the indie discos. Look for a full-length from them next year.


[Buy] "Local Hero"
[Myspace] Look See Proof
[mp3] "Casualty"
[mp3] "Start Again"


Blogger jbreitling said...

That "Casualty" is a great jam.

7:59 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Local Hero was the 4th single and 1 of the 4 members are 'teen' being Lee. (FACTS) and (FIGURES) is also another good Look See Proof song, no pun intended honest! - Baz Sells

8:29 PM EST  

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