Tuesday, November 06, 2007


[Photo Credit: Cortney Groves]

The 1900s are a seven-piece indie pop group from Chicago with an amazing story: of love gained and lost, rags to riches, and everything in between. Made up of old friends from grade school and new lovers, the band slaved away for months to realize their sound and record their debut E.P., Plume Delivery. Then, upon playing their first show, they got a record deal with Urbana's Parasol Records.

Next, a whirlwind--SXSW, Lollapalooza, blog love, rumors of major label interest, CMJ showcases... not to mention, the recording and eventual release of their debut album.
Cold & Kind shows the band expanding upon their previous work with more confident arrangements, more memorable hooks, and even richer textures. With the gorgeous male-female vocal dynamic down and an amazing breadth of sound (from indie pop to baroque chamber pop to folk and back again), the music is simply enchanting. Fans of Feist, Johnny Flynn, and Belle & Sebastian should check out 1900s immediately.

[Myspace] 1900s
[mp3] "When I Say Go"


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