Friday, March 27, 2009


Directed by Zack Keller & Ed Skudder

Myspace // "Signs" [Audio] // "From A Tower" [Video]

I first came across this band at CMJ last year, walking across town to check them out at the urging of about five people. The set was a disappointment, but I wasn't ready to write them off. As more music was finished for their debut album, I was sent different demos and drafts of the record, getting a rare glimpse into the development of the songs.

What I begun to hear from Tear Ourselves Away (out this summer on Heist or Hit Records) was one of the best new records to surface from an American band in a few years, and by the time I saw them for the second time at Spaceland (in Los Angeles) a couple months ago, I was on board. It's almost developed into an obsession -- they're a group that I need to check out every time they come through the city. Their recent gigs have been utterly fantastic, even their cramped and sweaty set at an ultra tight venue on Red River in Austin.

The band's first single off the upcoming debut set, "William," is out now in the UK.

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i LOVELIKEFIRE this band

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