Monday, March 02, 2009

Young/Lost Ones: New EP

Myspace // El Renacimiento de Los Olvidados [Download the Entire EP free]

I got back from Norway and England late last week, but with the jetlag and all of the catch-up I needed to do, there wasn't much time for updating the blog. My time in Oslo did see me coming home late from gigs not being able to sleep, so I did have some time to spend with some bands that I've lost touch with. One of those is the unsung California outfit Young/Lost Ones.

Despite the release of their latest digital EP, El Renacimiento de Los Olvidados, the band remains under the radar, sort of a password for those who really know what is going on in west coast indie rock. This latest release is all you could want from the band, with five songs of upbeat alt-country in the vein of Jason Molina or Tom Petty. I'm glad that this band keeps chugging along as each new release from them is even better than the last.

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