Saturday, January 27, 2007

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit only has 1438 friends on Myspace, but I'd wager that that will change dramatically over the next couple of months. Why, you ask? If this month's blog love is any indication, then Frightened Rabbit is on the road to becoming the first buzz band of 2007. Great review in Pitchfork for their debut album, Sing the Grays? Check. Mention on the incredible London blog, The Daily Growl? Check. A spot on The O.C. soundtrack? Well not quite--that shit was cancelled.

Before you dismiss all this talk as faint praise, just take a listen to one of their songs. You'll be won over by the utterly infectious enthusiasm with which they play their instruments, not to mention the incredible songs themselves. Frightened Rabbit plays with elements from a number of different styles, ultimately creating an accessible, even poppy indie rock that fans of Snow Patrol will totally eat up. That's not to say that they sound like Snow Patrol, as they're more like Battle with the dude from The Long Winters on the mic.

My early favorite track is "The Greys," a thunderous jaunt into indie rock territory that highlights the bands' percussive style of playing alongside their knack for writing striking lyrics like "What's the blues, when you've got the grays?" Frightened Rabbit also loves to employ the big, soaring chorus--something you'll find in other standout tracks like "Square 9" and "Modern Leper." These songs are meant to be played to stadiums full of screaming fans, which I think is well within the reach of this band if they play their cards right.

[Myspace] Frightened Rabbit
[mp3] "The Greys"


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