Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vega 4

British band Vega 4 has a name that brings to mind a lost science fiction show, one that takes far into the future. In reality, they are about to bring their debut album to the US with a sound that recalls the best of South and The Verve, and people are noticing. "Life Is Beautiful" has already been featured on "Grey's Anatomy," which is apparently the way to go when trying to break a UK band -- just look at what it did for Snow Patrol. Their LP You And Others will be out soon on Original Signal Recordings, while the band is currently on tour supporting Augustana.

"Traffic Jam"

[MySpace] Vega 4
[mp3] "Life is Beautiful"


Blogger Beth said...

There's something so wrong with the statement "supporting Augustana." Man, I hate them.

9:39 AM EST  

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