Friday, January 26, 2007

Underrated Presents: White Rabbits, Sure Juror & Others

Underrated Blog is bringing the rock [and the beer and the fun] tomorrow night at Sin-e with some of this year's best and brightest bands. If I wasn't so busy, and it wasn't so cold, I'd totally make it down to New York for this. The schedule is as follows:

Sure Juror [8 pm]
Seth Kallen [9 pm]
White Rabbits [10 pm]
The GoStation [11 pm]
Liam & Me [12 am]

Anyone who makes it to the end without passing out wins a prize. Seriously! And show up early for Rural Juror.

[mp3] Sure Juror "Christmas Shopping"
[mp3] White Rabbits "The Plot"


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