Monday, January 22, 2007

Boston: Shows [Week of 01.22.07]

01.22: Mark Eitzel @ Middle East Up
01.23: Piebald/Read Yellow @ Middle East Up
01.24: The Televangelist & The Architect @ Middle East Up
01.25: Ho-Ag @ Great Scott
01.26: The Pill @ Great Scott
01.26: Matt Wertz/The Alternate Routes @ Boston Univeristy
01.27: Camera Obscura/Essex Green @ The Paradise
01.27: Township/The Octave Museum/Age Rings @ Middle East Up

One of my co-workers likes to jokingly point out that although I claim that this is a Boston blog, I don't do a whole lot to promote the Boston scene, but really, it's no fault of my own. I've lived here for close to two years, and I've never had so much trouble fitting into a city. Despite seamlessly working my way into DC and NYC, Boston hasn't been quite as easy. I try to promote Boston where I can, as I do this show list each week and I've linked to my favorite local blogs, but outside of that, I feel more comfortable in other places. I've just started to promote the first Exitfare-sponsered event [more on this later], but it's in NYC. A Boston blog putting on a show in NYC, but why? There's really no reason in particular, outside of the difficulty of making inroads in this city and the fact that I know more people in NYC and they're easier to deal with.

I don't want this to seem like I am complaining, it's just that I crave more out of Boston. I've found some great bands already: The Televangelist & The Architect [who are playing this week], Protokoll, Winterpills, Taxpayer and Dear Leader, plus all of the ones I've known about for years, but seriously people, what other music does this city have to offer? Fill me in!


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