Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Wombats

To say that I am obsessed with The Wombats is putting it mildly -- they are one of the few bands that I've bothered to listen to lately. Their tunes are energetic, the melodies are ridiculously infectuous and they fiill their songs with a little something extra, whether it be handclaps or three-part harmonies. Girls, Boys & Marsupials is their debut album, one that firmly positions them as 2007's Supergrass or Blur, a band that invokes the British spirit with a slight dose of cheekiness. The fact that the album is filled with hits is downright scary because you can only start to think about their future. Will they be able to follow it up? When is the backlash going to begin? I don't want to worry about that -- I'm just going to listen to this album on repeat for the rest of the day and think about their upcoming SXSW performances.

"Moving To New York"

Girls, Boys & Marsupials
The Wombats
[mp3] "Moving To New York"
[mp3] "Lost in the Post"


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