Monday, September 22, 2008

Rotary Ten "Time Is Not A Line And I Am Not A Rock"

Myspace // "Idols of Our Own Design" [mp3]

Early in '07 we covered Rotary Ten, a Sheffield outfit with a few singles, a hope, and some dreams. This past June, Xtra Mile Recordings dropped the band's debut album These Are Our Hands, but like the bad blogger that I am, I neglected to mention it. Here we are in the end of September and I am just getting around to it. The band's latest single is brilliant and well worth the price of admission (the album).

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Blogger Ryan said...

This band is pretty awesome. I actually don't know any of their new material. I was listening to them back when Sheffield's (now defunct) Letters + Colours was in operation. Sheffield's got a good little indie scene.

I will definitely have to check out These Are Our Hands.

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