Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Justice: †

I live for hot, sunny days and usually by mid-May, the Northeast has had several 80+ degree days under its belt. Not this year -- the weather in Boston has sucked, and all I want is the sun and an entire day where I don't need a jacket. Even if the weather doesn't want to cooperate, I am drawing a line in the sand because summer begins now, and an early contender for the jam of the season is "D.A.N.C.E." from Justice. The duo doesn't underestimate the power of a kid on lead vocals, creating the most jubilant dance floor filler since The Go! Team's "Huddle Formation." The rest of is filled with same type of can't not dance to tunes, and it's an album that is slated to hit quite hard when it drops on July 10th. Luckily it landed in my hands early, as it will be the perfect soundtrack to my Miami vacation next month...

[Myspace] Justice
[mp3] "D.A.N.C.E." / Alternate link [zshare]
[mp3] "D.A.N.C.E." [MSTRKRFT remix] / Alternate link [zshare]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the links are dead. can you repost them? thnx.

12:24 PM EDT  
Blogger Dany said...

new links are up. ones those are dead, that's it. i reached my download limit with the other ones.

12:34 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

z share ?

5:06 PM EDT  
Blogger Dany said...

because i love my readers, i put up a zshare link as well. xoxox.

5:16 PM EDT  
Blogger Beth said...

You love everyone

5:18 PM EDT  
Blogger Ben said...

The orioles blow. Go Choke on an Onion Ring

6:16 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:48 PM EDT  
Blogger Roland said...

Thanks for these! You might wanna try Fiexoom for storage; as far as I can tell, there's no bandwidth limit. Keep up the good work.

1:46 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post. Filexoom does offer unlimited bandwidth, but it craps out lots of times. It has in my experience anyway. Thanks.

8:35 AM EDT  
Anonymous ratboy said...

who made that poor quality edit of the mstrkrft remix? that is not the real/final mix people, just the radio rip that is already floating around with the intro to B.E.A.T stuck on the front of it (badly)

bit pointless really but then again we're all going to be buying the proper mstrkrft remix when it comes out arent we (!) so not to worry lol

12:57 PM EDT  
Blogger Dany said...

duhh. that's the reason i posted it

1:04 PM EDT  
Anonymous Realguy said...

Dude thanks you! You are the best!
This is the only place I found this song in.

6:22 PM EST  

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