Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Far Cries

The Far Cries

If I had a couple thousand dollars laying around, the first thing I'd do is roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck then I'd immediately hop a flight to London so that I could see The Far Cries play. It would definitely be worth the money, as one glimpse of their electrifying four song set on Liveroom TV clearly attests. The Far Cries not only have a dynamic presence on stage, but they also have a catalogue of songs that could all be hits. And while their electro-infused post punk is extremely catchy, it's also multi-dimensional--the band is equally at home producing blustering ball of energy as they are playing more subdued fare. It totally boggles my mind that they're not the biggest band in the UK right now. All in due time.

[Myspace] The Far Cries
[Video] Watch 4 songs recorded live in April @ Liveroom TV
[mp3] "Better Sorry Than Safe"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

-your support and appreciation is heartwarming...thank you !! "slllurrp!" from london

1:03 PM EDT  

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