Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Scissors For Lefty

I'm surprised I haven't written about this band yet. Wait, maybe I have. Who knows? Anyway, San Francisco's Scissor For Lefty will be dropping their debut album on June 12th through Eenie Meenie. Underhanded Romance is one of those rare albums that lives up to the hype, and takes it even further. The band has been heralded by NME, SF Weekly ["best up and coming indie band"], Billboard, and the LA Times, and lucky for us, they have delivered on all of their early promise with a debut that shakes and stutters, while remaining cohesive and catchy as fuck.

[Myspace] Scissors For Lefty
[mp3] "Lay Down Your Weapons"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

these dudes are pretty funny, as well as being awesome live. Good interview at:

1:26 PM EST  

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