Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's like three thousand degrees in my apartment and I'm tired as hell, so I apologize in advance for making this post short. Delorentos is a Dublin-based indie rock band that recently released their debut album, In Love With Detail, on Cottage Records to much critical acclaim in the Irish press. Although I don't think the album will change your life, I do like it a lot. From start to finish, all of the songs are impeccably constructed, catchy, and varied. Delorentos remind me of a cross between Interpol and Snow Patrol, which basically means that everyone and their mom should dig their music. Don't believe me? Check out their video for "Basis of Everything," which is totally A-ha's "Take On Me" for the youtube generation.

[Myspace] Delorentos
[mp3] "Basis of Everything"


Blogger jiang said...

test this

7:34 AM EDT  
Anonymous Simon said...

Delorentos are playing the stables Mullingar this weekend, a venue, intimate beyond compare, should be a blast!

9:57 AM EDT  

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