Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Exitfare's Guide To SXSW: Wednesday

When I was putting together my schedule for SXSW, it occured to me that there are probably a few of you out there that are heading to Austin as well [let's hang out!], and chances are, you want to check out similar bands. Over the four days of the festival, I am going to post a list of all of the shows worth checking out and although the lists are pretty long and there is a lot of overlap, keep in mind, these are the all of the bands that I'd consider checking out if I could be in two, three or four places at once. Some bands are going to play 10 times and others are only going to play once.

I will also point out a few must see shows. Enjoy!

1230 The Gray Kid @ Austin Convention Center [500 E. Cesar Chavez St.]
Start your day early with this LA rapper, a man that mixes memorable beats with smart lyrics. Bonus points: he's a Washington Wizards fan, and Gilbert Arenas is one of the game's best.
130 White Rabbits @ Fader Fort [204 E. 4th St.]
I just got their debut album on Friday and it has yet to sink in. One thing is apprent, though -- they have a knack for writing a great tune, recalling Ted Leo and Elvis Costello.
[mp3] "The Plot"
200 Rademacher @ Plush Day Party [617 Red River St.]
Another gem from the California desert. Their new album has quickly risen to the top of 2007's heap with songs that would make Earlimart and Silversun Pickups proud.
[mp3] "If You Got Some Magic"
300 Winterkids @ Fader Fort [204 E. 4th St.]
This British group recalls The Wedding Present with a hint of dance.
[mp3] "Use Your Feet"
300 Pela @ Red Eye Fly [715 Red River]
300 Scanners @ Austin Convention Center [500 E. Cesar Chavez St.]
400 Robyn Hitchcock @ Austin Convention Center [500 E. Cesar Chavez St.]
430 Foals @ Fader Fort [204 E. 4th St.]
500 Peter Bjorn & John @ Red Eye Fly [715 Red River]
600 Hot Club de Paris @ Fader Fort [204 E. 4th St.]
800 The Sunshine Underground @ Stubb’s [801 Red River St.]
This Leeds dance punk outfit is poised to be the next big thing
[mp3] Commercial Breakdown"
800 Lemon Sun @ Friends [208 E. 6th St.]
800 The Pipettes @ La Zona Rosa [612 W. 4th St.]
815 iLiKETRAiNS @ Emos Jr. [603 Red River St.]
900 Division Day @ Blender Bar [320 E. 6th St.]
This show is a no-brainer -- excellent LA indie rock!
[mp3] "Tigers"
900 Rubicks @ Co-op Bar [400 E. 6th St.]
900 Kristoffer Ragnstam @ Lambert’s [401 W. 2nd St.]
Swedish dude that channels both Ted Leo and Beck.
[mp3] "Breakfast By The Mattress"
900 The Automatic @ Stubb’s [801 Red River St.]
915 White Rabbits @ Dirty Dog Bar [505 E. 6th St.]
945 Frightened Rabbit @ Mohawk Patio [912 Red River St.]
1000 The Panda Band @ Red 7 [611 E. 7th St.]
1000 Scissors For Lefty @ Soho Lounge [217 E. 6th St.]
1000 Jamie T @ Stubb’s [801 Red River St.]
Sort of like Tom Vek with a hip hop edge. His debut has yet to find a label in the States.
[mp3] "Sheila"
1100 Lily Allen @ Stubb’s [801 Red River St.]
1130 Illinois @ Beauty Bar Patio [617 E. 7th St.]
While this band's EP is sort of a disappointment, that doesn't take away from the fact that they have a stellar live show. Another playing many times this week, so catch them a few times.
[mp3] "Alone Again"
1200 IV Thieves @ Buffalo Billiards [201 E. 6th St.]
1200 The Wombats @ Friends [208 E. 6th St.]
As if I haven't made my case for this band yet. They'll be all over SXSW, and their infectious singalongs should be 10x more exciting live.
[mp3] "Moving To New York"
1200 Birdmonster @ Habana Calle 6 Annex [708 E. 6th. St.]
One of the kings of 2006. The band is still playing wherever and whenever they can and are playing great tunes. Another can't miss group.
[mp3] "Cause You Can"
1200 Razorlight @ Stubb’s [801 Red River St.]
1230 Peter Bjorn & John @ La Zona Rosa [612 W. 4th St.]
100 Les Savy Fav @ Red Eyed Fly [715 Red River St.]


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