Friday, February 23, 2007

New Music For The Weekend

To keep in line with this week's SXSW theme, here are four bands that will be playing in Austin next month.

Delorentos: This band describes themselves as "alternative rock," but they're definitely not The Soup Dragons. Drawing on influences like Television and Interpol, this Irish band has become one of the top unsigned bands in Ireland and are bringing the party to Austin for a pair of shows.
[mp3] "Basis Of Everything"

Illinois: This Bucks County, PA band draws on influences both expected and ones that will make you ask "What the fuck?" Their Ace Fu debut is called What The Hell Do I Know? and it tears away at indie rock misconceptions by telling us all that there is room to grow in this tired genre.
[mp3] "Screendoor"

Kristoffer Ragnstam: If Ted Leo and Beck shacked up for the night and created a baby, this is what the kid would sound like. His debut album Sweet Bills may be all over the place, but it is filled with great, great songs.
[mp3] "Breakfast By The Mattress"

The Blood Arm: This Los Angeles band has been bubbling under for what seems like years now, but 2007 will be the year for them. The UK and Europe have embraced them, and the handful of dates they've played Stateside indicate exactly why the rest of the world loves them. The shows are feverish and their spiky garage meets dance punk can't be topped.
[mp3] "Suspicious Character"


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