Monday, February 19, 2007

Boston: Shows [Week of 02.19.07]

02.21: Static of the Gods/The Shorebirds/Silent Service @ Middle East Up
02.21: The Hourly Radio/The Sterns/The Glass Set @ Great Scott
02.22: Kevin Devine/Jennifer O’Connor @ Great Scott
02.22: The Mooney Suzuki @ TT The Bears
02.23: The Pill @ Great Scott
02.23: The Slip @ The Paradise
02.24: Frank Smith/Age Rings/Viva Viva @ Great Scott
02.24: Rev. Glasseye/Porsches On The Autobahn/Ho-Ag @ Middle East Down
02.25: Little Brazil/Ladyfinger/Via Audio/Call Me Lightning @ Middle East Up
02.25: Razorlight/Mohair @ Middle East Down

Does anyone in Boston shovel the sidewalks? I've never been in a city that's so treacherous just to walk around during the winter, and when I bring this up to Boston natives, people act offended that I would even suggest that people should clean the ice and snow off the sidewalks in front of their house/apartment.

Anyway, the Apples In Stereo were in town this weekend, and they played a solid show. I missed Lily Allen because I never got my tickets, but for those of who missed out, she will be back in April. There's a new video for "Alfie," which is the worst song on an otherwise great album. Check it out below.

This song might be the best part of Boogie Nights. You've got the touch.
[mp3] "The Touch"


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