Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Music For Not The Weekend, But Tuesday

This was supposed to go up on Friday, but I got so caught up in Puerto Rico that I didn't get around to finishing it. Better late than never, right??

I Was A Cub Scout: They're just boys, but this Nottingham group is already making Les Savy Fav cry with envy. Dudes, comes to the States like right now.
[mp3] "Teenage Skin"

[Photo Credit : DarkDaze]
Blood Red Shoes: They're a duo that makes much more noise than one would expect, with a drummer that makes Animal look like a nancy and a lead singer that soundsn like a more pop PJ Harvey. Look for them on tour, as they're playing anywhere that will have them in the UK.
[mp3] "ADHD"

Sky Larkin: I think it's pretty obvious about my love for Sky Larkin. Here's a new song that they rocked on BBC Radio a few weeks ago. Buy their debut single, which is out now on Dance To The Radio.
[mp3] "Molten"

Sleeping In The Aviary: This band hails from the Midwest and rocks like The Thermals used to, with that off the wall, sugar-induced energy. They have a new album out now on Science Of Sound.
[mp3] "Another Girl"


Blogger Beth said...

What's with everyone in this post being super attractive?

2:47 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

blood red and larkin! sweet!

8:17 AM EST  

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