Saturday, February 24, 2007

Action Plan

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According to the members of Action Plan, they're the 34th best band that they've ever heard. Big words for a young band that has only released two singles to date, but since when is bragging new to the British music scene? I don't know if I would say they're that great yet, but their music definitely shows loads of promise. They play a sort of brooding post-punk, full of furious guitar riffs, intense singing/yelling, and crashing drums. Both of their singles are tops, I'd recommend that you check them both out. Their first single "Stendhal" is a bit of a stomper that builds into a killer chorus. Comparatively, their second single "He" (out now on Modern Art) is darker fare--faster, harsher, and bit more intense. If you're a fan of Cazals, Mother Vulpine, or The Voom Blooms then you'll definitely love Action Plan.

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[mp3] "Stendhal"


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