Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2006: Exitfare's favorite songs, part 2

After a few disappointing years of lackluster albums across the board (cough 2000-2002), I feel like 2006 was just an incredible year for music. Tons of new artists popped onto the scene with genre bending musical styles and killer hooks (Cold War Kids, Paris Hilton), while many seasoned veterans returned with inspired albums full of equally wonderful songs (Belle and Sebastian, The Decemberists). I know that this list is far from complete. You'll soon see that I completely omitted songs from a bunch of bands that are on the top tier of my "Top Albums of the Year" list. But these singles are the ones that I'd repeat over and over again without getting bored in the least. In short, they're the best of the best.

The Far Cries
The Far Cries "Stepping" [Myspace] / [mp3]
When I first wrote about the Far Cries in early July, I crowned "Stepping" as my single of the year. Frankly, I half guessed that it would be dethroned by early fall by some easy little dance punk number, but nothing really ever came close. "Stepping" is great because it's both catchy and musically ambitious. Yes, it'll get stuck in your head and you'll sing along. But after a few listens what'll strike you is the relative minimalism of the verses, the dynamic vocal counterpoint on the coda, and the fact that the song feels like a machine gun while retaining its pop sensibilities. It's a great song by a band that is only getting better by the second, so definitely check it out if you didn't the first time.

Action Plan "Stendhal" [Myspace]
Assembly Now "Out On 24s" [Myspace]
Belle and Sebastian "Sukie In The Graveyard" [Myspace]
Cold War Kids "We Used To Vacation" [Myspace] / [Extras]
The Decemberists "The Crane Wife 3" [Myspace]
De Novo Dahl "Shout" [Myspace] / [mp3] / [Extras]
The Hard Tomorrows "Take Down" [Myspace] / [Extras]
Headlights "Put Us Back Together Right" [Myspace]
Kristoffer Ragnstam "Breakfast By The Mattress" [Myspace] / [mp3]
Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s "On A Freezing Chicago Street" [Myspace]
Nelly Furtado (Featuring Timberlake) "Promiscuous" [Myspace]
The Neon Plastix "On Fire" [Myspace]
Okkervil River "The President’s Dead" [Myspace] / [Extras]
Silversun Pickups "Well Thought Out Twinkles" [Myspace] / [mp3]
Snow Patrol "Hands Open" [Myspace]
Snowden "Anti Anti" [Myspace] / [mp3] / [Extras]
The Twilight Singers "Underneath the Waves" [Myspace]
Two Gallants "Long Summer Day" [Myspace] / [Extras]
We Are Scientists "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" [Myspace]


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