Monday, December 04, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 12.04.06]

12.04: Anathallo/Page France/Denison Witmer @ Middle East Up
12.04: Appleseed Cast/Owen/Copeland @ Axis
12.04: The Von Bondies @ The Paradise
12.05: New Model Army/Casket Salesmen
@ Middle East Up
12.05: El Vez @ The Paradise
12.06: Exene Cervenka And The Original Sinners
@ Middle East Up
12.07: We Are Scientists/Oxford Collapse/The Grates
@ Middle East Down
12.07: Murder By Death/The Hush Sound @ Axis
12.07: Alejandro Escovedo @ MFA
12.08: The Glass Set @ Great Scott
12.09: Taxpayer/The Information/The Daily Pravda @ Great Scott
12.09: Peter Walker/Jack Rose
@ Middle East Up [6 pm]
12.09: Cassavettes/Christians & Lions/Mittens
@ Middle East Up [9 pm]
12.10: The Shapes @ Great Scott
12.10: Mad Man Films
@ Middle East Up
12.10: Archer Prewitt/Pernice Brothers/Elvis Perkins @ T.T. The Bears

The next two weeks will see:
-the CMJ wrap-up
-songs and albums of the year
-a much needed vacation for me

12.08: The Glass Set @ Great Scott
I don't remember exactly when I first saw The Glass Set, but I remember that it was earlier this year, in some shitty warehouse here in Allston. The show was packed with kids in face paint and trenchcoats and if I wasn't with friends who knew where they were going, I would have thought I was lost -- the last place I wanted to end up was a goth party. The band ended up going on really late that night, well after I had crossed my drinking threshold, but what I heard were songs that despite being rough, had a ton of potential, drawing on a host of post punk influences from Echo & The Bunnymen and Interpol to Siouxsie & The Banshees. The band takes over The Pill this Friday, playing selection from their new album, which is slated for release early next year.
MySpace: The Glass Set
Audio: "Death Mask"


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