Thursday, December 07, 2006

Editors: Remix EP

Editors were an Exitfare favorite from the moment we heard the first notes of "Munich" well over a year ago, and when I finally nabbed a copy of the import, I was sold. The album was filled with the best post punk tunes this side of Interpol and best of all, the band was a bit more loose and a bit more fun. The band is back in action with a remix EP [only available on iTunes], featuring a number of great producers, including Phones, who did redid the featured "All Sparks." Mr. Epworth has a long resume, as he has reworked songs from Bloc Party, The Rakes, Tom Vek and many others, and this tune is a welcome addition to his portfolio.

Buy: Remix EP
MySpace: Editors
Audio: "All Sparks [Phones Remix]"


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