Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sky Larkin

Leeds is basically my favorite spot in the UK for music right now -- the city is boiling over with great bands! This year have seen the likes of Duels and Forward, Russia! release great debut albums, and it seems that Sky Larkin is on the verge of following in their footsteps next year. NME quite accurately described them as "Bikini Kill playing Grandaddy songs," making them one of Radar's favorite new bands. They're also one of my favorites, probably one of my top discoveries this year, as they remind me of Echobelly's darker older sister. "Somersault Notes" is easily one of the best songs of the year, a track that I can play on repeat and never tire of. The band's debut single, "One Of Two" is slated for release on Jan. 22nd through the superb Dance To The Radio.

MySpace: Sky Larkin
Audio: "Somersault Notes"
Audio: "Traits And Traitors"


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