Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mother Vulpine

Mother Vulpine

Last year when I mentioned the incredible Leeds music scene to Tom Vek, he thought I was crazy. Leeds? Music scene? Now a year later, the success of bands like iForward, Russia!, The Sunshine Underground, The Kaiser Chiefs, Duels, O Fracas, Sky Larkin, Wintermute, and scores more serves as undeniable proof that this area in Northern England is a breeding ground for some of the best new bands in all of the UK, if not the world.

Recently, I came across yet another Leeds band that totally blew me out of the water--Mother Vulpine. Immediately after hearing the thunderous opening chords of "We'll Be Detectives," I knew I'd be a fan. The heady vocals and softer, almost ghost-like back-up vocal counterpoint really drive the song forward though the jumpy guitar licks and energetic drumming certainly help. They remind me of early Muse (before they turned into sci-fi nerds obsessed with the apocalypse) or Editors (if Kele Okereke from Bloc Party was singing), which really are clearly compliments of the highest order.

The real question I want to pose to readers is who is Mother Vulpine? Do they have a record out (or plans for one)? Are they really siblings? What are their thoughts on global warming? I scoured the internet trying to find out more about this incredibly powerful young group, but frankly I couldn't find much of anything. The band doesn't have an official website and only provides scant information on their Myspace. I know that their songs have been listened to 46 times by Last.Fm users and that their drummer has a personal blogspot where he discusses his artwork, but that's about it. I'd love to find out more, so leave your show reviews and booze fueled sex antecdotes in the comments.

Myspace: Mother Vulpine
Audio: "We'll Be Detectives"


Anonymous Tustin said...

Sadly, no info on Mother Vulpine, but my good friend Leigh has turned me on to them - he is the guitarist in another Leeds band called Jinzena - I strongly recommend you check them out -

6:44 AM EST  

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