Friday, July 14, 2006

Siren Fest 2k6: It's Tomorrow!

Another July, another Siren Fest, and this year should be a ton of fun, as usual. It's always amusing to see the indie rockers clash with the Coney Island regulars, plus what's more fun than a sun-filled day where you can drink a lot, ride a rollercoaster, hit the batting cages and see a ton of great bands? Nothing I say, nothing!

The Misshapes DJs will be rocking all day along with two stages of great bands.

Main Stage: Deadboy & the Elephantman [1 pm], The Rogers Sisters [2 pm], Celebration [3 pm], Tapes n' Tapes [4 pm], The Stills [5 pm], She Wants Revenge [6 pm], Scissor Sisters [7:30 pm]

Stillwell Stage: Priestess [1:30 pm], Man Man [2:30 pm], Dirty on Purpose [3
:30 pm], Serena Maneesh [4:30 pm], The Cribs [5::30 pm], Art Brut [6:30 pm], Stars [8 pm]

Audio: The Stills "In The Beginning"
Audio: Man Man "Banana Ghost"
Audio: Art Brut "Really Bad Weekend"

Buy: Music from all of these bands at Insound


Blogger Beth said...

I'll be going back and forth between the Stillwell Stage and the funnel cake booth all day. Let's meet up!

5:03 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that stills song is growing on me.

10:12 PM EDT  

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