Monday, July 17, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 07.17.06]

Siren Fest killed me this weekend -- I was there for a solid seven hours and I saw a lot of good bands, but I left with the feeling that this year's fest could have been better. It rained for a bit, there were less people there and only a few bands that I was excited about. Thew few bands I did catch were great, I got to ride the Cyclone and I got killed in a variety of arcade games. I'll have pictures up later this week.

Also, you might notice the severe lack of shows this week. If anyone can fill in the holes, let me know.

07.17: Diplo/Bondo do Role/Cansei de Ser Sexy @ Great Scott

07.18: Mellowdrone @ Great Scott
Mellowdrone's dark and moody brand of electronic pop may be a dated for some people, that doesn't mean that this LA group can't throw down some insanely catchy songs. During their last go around of the East, they missed Boston, but that only I means that I got that much more time to absorb their debut album.
Audio: "Oh My"

07.18: The Handsome Family/Curt Kirkwood [from the Meat Puppets] @ T.T. the Bears

07.19: Danielson @ Middle East Up

07.20: Willy Mason/Frank Smith @ Great Scott


Blogger alexander said...

we actually didn't even stay for the whole festival, partially due to the weather, and partially due to the lack of interest we had for a lot of the bands. it was a fun trip nonetheless, and once we're both recovered we'll have something posted, too.

on a related note, we were also talking about the shows this week. we feel like we have to be missing something because we have this big gap in our schedule. weird.

[and how do we keep ending up in the same places without knowing who eachother is?]

7:22 PM EDT  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Mako at jacques on Friday will the best best show this week!

4:56 PM EDT  

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