Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Televangelist + The Architect

I've now lived in Boston for nearly a year, and I have only just started discovering some of the great bands that are playing around the city. There's Taxpayer, Protokoll, The Glass Set and now add The Televangelist + The Architect to that list, a band I know very little about, except that they mix all of the right elements of Sonic Youth, Cursive and Grandaddy to produce winning results. Surpisingly confident and memorable, the band's second album, Diaries Of The Intelligensia, shows them expanding beyond their influences to create something completely their own. Check them out at O'Brien's in Allston next Thursday night and if you're interested in hearing more, the new album is available in its entirety on the band's website.

MySpace: The Televangelist + The Architect
Audio: "The Unconscious Collective (A Tale From Williamsburg)"


Blogger Beth said...

This may be the best thing you've ever posted. It's incredible. I may have to make a trip up to Boston next Thursday to see them live.

4:14 PM EDT  

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