Monday, April 24, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 04.24.06]

After a great Friday, my weekend in NYC was pretty much a washout. It rained on Saturday and Sunday, so I decided not to venture up to Yankee Stadium to see the Orioles. I did get to spend some time with Dylan from Linfinity on Friday night who has made me reconsider my dislike for Pearl Jam. Seriously! There are a lot of shows this week, but not that many that I am really excited about. If you are going to see Two Gallants on Thursday, do yourself a favor and show up early for Cold War Kids -- definitely one of the best new bands to surface recently!

04.24: John Vanderslice/Wooden Wand/Page France @ Middle East Up

04.24: Jamie Lidell/Jimmy Edgar @ Great Scott

04.25: Piles/Shuttlecock @ Great Scott

04.26: Ben Lee @ The Paradise

04.27: Two Gallants/Frank Smith/Cold War Kids @
Middle East Up
When the calendar closes on this year, LA's Cold War Kids will be sitting victorious upon a never-ending list of accolades. Their mix of energetic indie rock and deep soul gives their tunes an added depth that forces repeated listens, creating a mood that is both familiar and fresh. They just simultaneously released two of the best EPs of the year: Up In Rags & With Our Wallets Full. They put on one of the best performances of SXSW this year and if you've never seen them, don't miss this -- they're back here in June, but that's too long to wait for a band this good.
Audio: "The Soloist In The Living Room"

04.27: The Glass Set/The Texas Governor/Radka @ Great Scott

04.28: The Hold Steady @ T.T. The Bears

04.29: Ambulance LTD/Mittens @ The Paradise

04.30: Books On Tape @ Great Scott

04.30: Elf Power @ P.A.'s Lounge

04.30: The Fruit Bats/Sam Jayne @
T.T. The Bears

04.30: Spank Rock @
Middle East Up
I am not quite sure why I like these guys so much. It could be their blistering live shows, their love of Baltimore club music or even their blatant use of all things Baltimore, and we all know how much I love Baltimore!
Audio: "Girls + Boys"


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