Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hannah Shark "The Buffalo Lullaby"

Myspace // "This Will Kill Us" [Audio]

Despite double duty with a band (Arthur) and a solo project, Fleet-based Hannah Shark continues to fly under the radar with brilliant acoustic pop gems, four of which can be found on the self-released EP she is selling on her Myspace page. The new tunes continue to reach the web from both of her projects, including this track which is rounded out with a homemade video, obviously influenced by the terrible Vincent Gallo film Buffalo 66.

Hannah plays the acoustic stage at Guilfest '09 on Friday in Guilford, England.

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Anonymous alan said...

Hannah shark has a new project now called FOE, new tracks are up for download at a new myspace site thisisfoe working with Adam Crisp via entrepreneurs and premarital sect. Its all sweet

5:24 PM EST  

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