Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 68

[Photo Credit: Tom Cockram]

Myspace // "White Lies" [Audio]

Another exciting little nugget in the burgeoning Manchester indie scene, May 68 are not as pretentious as their name suggests. While they may reference the French student riots of May '68, their tunes are instantly accessible -- perfect dancefloor-filling tunes that are full of energetic hooks. Frankly, I am surprised that this band hasn't blown up yet, especially with a nod from Xfm's John Kennedy, but the band is still young with just a demo to their name, so there's still time yet.

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Anonymous THE RECOMMENDER said...


Thanks for this tune. It's their best to date. We are thinking about blogging about them too on The Recommender.

Will keep popping back...

8:41 PM EDT  

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