Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catching Up With: Heels Catch Fire

Myspace // "Blackout to Whiteout" [Audio]

In an effort to not forget about some of the bands I've written about in the past, I am going to start looking back approximately one calendar year and revisit a developing band. This post focuses on Heels Catch Fire.

A common mistake a lot of bands make it the lack of information on their Myspace page, and this Brighton group is no different. I discovered them via Elle Milano, I've seen them play at the Great Escape, and really, they're a band that deserves much more acclaim. Their tunes are excellent takes on dance rock with a dash of math pop, and although it's nothing new, there's nothing wrong with going with what you know -- not everyone's Radiohead. This summer is a full of hometown gigs for them, as well as an appearance at the Beachdown Festival.

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