Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashback Thursday: Belly "Feed the Tree"

Fact: I can not find any of Belly's videos on Youtube, and the quality on this one is terrible. "Gepetto" was the song that finally made this band click for me, and I was really hoping to post that one, but it looks like the internet gods are against me.

More than a decade on, it seems like their sound is back in vogue, which is great because they were one of my favorites while I was in high school, and I didn't think they really hit their stride until the release of King. Although it didn't move the same amount of units as it's predecessor an album that was devoid of any hits, it was the band's best work, but the one that caused them to disband. They were one of those groups that made staying up until 2.00am to watch all of 120 Minutes worth it.

The band's lead singer Tanya Donelly continues to release excellent solo albums to this day.

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