Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Small Screen Light Show: Unofficial Videos

"Home Alone"

Myspace // "This Is Not a Reason" [Audio] // "I Am the Future" [Video] // Debut EP [Buy]

Things with Seaham's (near Sunderland, in England's Northeast) Small Screen Light Show has been moving along slowly, but at a steady pace. While the band's four song, DIY EP made have been enough to hold me over when I first wrote about these guys last year, I am itching for a bit more. Here's to hoping that they drop some more tunes first, either through a 7" or an official EP. One thing's sure, this band's tunes sound as fresh and exciting as when I first heard them, and that means a lot coming from the desk of this blog -- we hear a lot of music every day. To hold you (and me) over, check out the two "unofficial" videos done by lead singer Mattie.

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