Monday, May 04, 2009

Situationists: New Songs / Breaking Up

"Onwards and Upwards"

Myspace // "Digital Love" [Audio] // "Whiskey and Water" (remix) [Audio]

Sheffield-based Situationists have been busy since the release of their debut EP Onwards and Upwards last year on Tough Love Records. They've been focusing on new material, so far recording five new songs in their home-based studios, four of which will be released in the coming months. To tide everyone over to then, the band has a remix available, done by electro artist The Aspirins For My Children, and a cover of Daft Punk's "Digital Love."

I had written the paragraph above before actually looking at the band's Myspace page, which indicates that the band's London show this past weekend, as well as a yet to be announced gig in Sheffield, will be the band's last ones. I shouldn't have dragged my feet with posting up those new tunes above because now instead of serving as treats for what is yet to come, they are now goodbye presents from a very promising young band.

A little confusing, but the e-mail from their label containing the new tunes came four days after the band announced their break-up. I guess the guys at Tough Love really could not let go.

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