Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perfect People

[Photo Credit: Neil Horne]

Myspace // "Took a Ride" [Audio]

Things have been rather hectic of late, which is something I feel like I've been saying a lot. I spent a week in England going to gigs and attended the Great Escape. Last year I saw the Clik Clik, and this year the band that rose from their ashes played, Perfect People. Now, I am not going to bore you with stories about how hardcore I am and how I stayed up to all hours of the night because basically all of that will be a lie. I had a chance to see Perfect People, but their 12.30 am set time not only conflicted with the end of Pulled Apart By Horses's set, but also my bed time. Next time, yeah?

Perfect People blazes similar sonic trails as the Clik Clik, but with more Ben Folds-inspired pop and less electronics. It's excellent stuff though and a great start for these music vets that are still quite young.

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