Monday, April 20, 2009

The Cheek

"Slow Kids"

Myspace // "Slow Kids" (The Shoes remix) [Audio]

The weekend is over and I am exhausted. I drove up to San Francisco on Friday, over to Sacramento on Saturday, and then back to LA today. I didn't even consider putting together a blog post until five minutes ago -- I am just that tired. First on my list to blog about was the new Bombay Bicycle Club video, but after seeing that Universal disabled embedding on it, I decided that if the label didn't care about promoting the band, then neither did I. Too bad, I like the song a lot.

The Cheek are definitely not a new band -- you may know them by their former name, Cheeky Cheeky & the Nosebleeds. Although I can't get a good read on why they changed their name, apparently the old moniker was a bit of a mouthful. The band released a mini-album earlier this year in Japan, they played SXSW, and plans for a proper full-length are slated for sometime later this year. RCRD LBL posted one of the band's newer songs last month -- it's more of the same quirky pop we've come to expect from this Suffolk outfit.

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